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Fethiye Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Fethiye vacation

Paragliding in Fethiye 3 stars
I had wanted to do some kind of extreme sport for ages so when I got the chance to go paragliding I was really excited but a bit scared as I did it on the spur of the moment. We drove up a mountain for about half an hour and there wasn’t much of a road and it was really steep so some parts were pretty scary, at this point I started to get a bit nervous. We arrived at the top of the mountain and I hade to put on a funny jump suit with a chair that was stuck to the bum, which made it really strange to walk. The parachutes were laid out and the pilots got everything else ready, he hooked me up to him and shouted "run" at which point my nerves kicked in loads and I ran and nearly lost a shoe, but just about kept it on, luckily. Once in the air I felt sick but the pilot was well prepared with a sick bag! I even got to steer. There were some fab views but once up in the sky it wasn’t scary at all so I’m not sure if this actually counted as an extreme sport. My camera ran out of batteries as soon as I got in the sky but there was a professional photographer that was taking pictures while I was in the sky so I was able to buy some photos. There are loads of paragliding companies to choose from.


Fethiye 5 stars
From Fethiye we decided to take a 4 day boat cruise to Olympus. There were about ten people in tottal on the boat and it was amazing.  We could just jump in the water whenever we wanted and we slept out on deck under the stars! We stopped at loads of different places along the way and there were loads of water sports and finally I tried the tubes!  I've been dying to for ages (its where there is a giant swim ring attached to the back of a speed boat by the way).  The driver was crazy and was going really fast in all different directions so it was really difficult to hold on, then I realised that my bikini was struggling to stay on as well, I was trying to hold on to it but then the driver took a sudden turn and I flashed my day glow boobs (they have never seen the sun in their lives) at a passing boat which was pretty embarrassing and then I toppled backwards out of the ring and half drowned!  It was exhilarating but would recommend doing it with a t-shirt on! 
The boat sailed on and we passed a sunken city (happened after an earthquake and it about 25 meters under sea level) which was fab as bits of ruins were jotting out of the water.  We got off the boat to explore passing islands and saw loads of mountain goats and there was also a full moon while we were on the boat which was the most amazing moon ever - it was massive and bright orange!  You HAVE to do this trip as it was one of the highlights of any holiday I have ever had!


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