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South America Attractions

4.0 stars
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Antarctica 5.0 stars
If you never understood why penguins normally get themselves aligned along icebergs, sort of waiting to see who will be the first to jump into the water – that has to do with seals, their ferocious predator. So once the first penguin comes ... [more ]
Santa Teresa 4.0 stars
After having lived in the mock-Miami neighbourhood of Barra for well over a month, it was a joy to find ourselves surrounded by ageing hippies, arty types, bohemians and general assorted oddballs - it was clear we were going to feel quite at home ... [more ]
Machu Picchu 5.0 stars
A trip to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but choose how you get there carefully. There are three options to get up there, the 4 day trek (the famous Inca Trail), the 2 day trek and a train straight up to Macchu Picchu. I ... [more ]
Cotopaxi 5.0 stars
Ruminahui is a volcano in the Cotopaxi National Park that can be climbed in a day and doesn’t require any special gear or guides. There are three distinct peaks on this volcano, and I’d recommend climbing the lowest of the three. From the ... [more ]
Sugarloaf Mountain 5.0 stars
Pau d'Acucar - or Sugar Loaf Mountain - is a very popular tourist attraction with gringos and locals alike; at every sunset there is a tongue twister competition between the abundant couples, so don't forget to bring a date! The easy way up is to ... [more ]
Serpentarium Javier "Las Boas" 5.0 stars
Adjacent to the Iquitos’ Serpentarium Javier “Las Boas”, stays the Chullachaqui Javier Rescue Centre. Here a couple of cute three-toed sloths are also another highlight. The caretaker hosts the sloths and their youngsters for long enough until ... [more ]
Torres del Paine Natural Park 5.0 stars
A good couple of hours north of the Strait of Magellan, driving from Punta Arenas the asphalted road ends a bit after the city of Puerto Natales. From there on expect lonely dusty roads and amazing views of the snowy peaks and glacial lakes of ... [more ]
Ipanema Beach - Rio de Janeiro 4.0 stars
In my opinion, Ipanema beach is one of the best places in Rio. The beach is really beautiful, with blue sea, white and soft sands and coconut palms. In its east side, the Arpoador rock has a panoramic view of the whole beach as well as ... [more ]
Cathedral 5.0 stars
Although inaugurated by Francisco Pizarro just a few years later after the start of its construction in the XVI century, Lima’s Cathedral received the tomb of its founder only in 1891. It seems that even then the skeleton buried was not the one ... [more ]
Arpoador 5.0 stars
In a visit to Rio de Janeiro, I would recommend a stop in Arpoador, a small neighbourhood in the Southern region of the city. The place is famous due to the rock which outcrops from the sea, separating Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. From there, ... [more ]
La Silla ESO telescopes 5.0 stars
If you like astrophotography then La Silla is the place to be at – or the region around, so the nearby telescopes of Las Campanas are equally a good place to set your own equipment. Attached you can see a photo of the Milky Way – with the 3.6 ... [more ]
Quistococha Park 5.0 stars
When talking about rainforest fish, piranhas come to our mind at once. You can fish and eat them all over the Iquitos area – though they have too many fish bones. What really impressed me was the Arapaima, one of the largest fresh water fish in ... [more ]
Cerro Otto 5.0 stars
There are also some adventure activities such as hiking, trekking with snow rackets and sledging in winter. I tried these last two. For the trekking with rackets you also need to rent some pieces of clothes recommended for the trek. A guide ... [more ]
Theatro Municipal 4.0 stars
The Theatro Municipal has to be one of Rio's most dramatic buildings, and you'll always spot a few tourists outside snapping away on their camera. Not many people venture inside, however, which is a shame because, as I discovered, there's plenty ... [more ]
Palacio do Catete 3.0 stars
Ordinarily you can walk from Centro to Catete and this impressive palace, but as it was pouring down I wimped out and took the metro. It was worth making the effort to come here - the granite and marble building is beautiful and also houses the ... [more ]
barranco 4.0 stars
In Lima the quarters of Barranco and Miraflores are known for their bohemian night life. Barranco means something like “cliff” in Castilian Spanish, and indeed you will be walking along the beach line, formed at the feet of the coastal cliffs. ... [more ]
Copacabana Beach - Rio de Janeiro 4.0 stars
Copacabana made Rio famous but Ipanema and Leblon have definitely surpassed it. There are 12 lifeguard 'posts' dividing the beaches and different groups hang out at different posts - Post 9 is the place for the young and hip, where whistling ... [more ]
Iguazu Falls 5.0 stars
Iguazu Falls is one of the most impressive natural attractions of South America. The waterfalls consist in a spectacle where around 275 cascades fall in the Iguazu River, dividing it in Upper and Lower River. As Iguazu Falls is located in the ... [more ]
Copacabana 3.0 stars
First-time visitors to Rio often find themselves unsure whether to choose accomodation in Copacabana or nearby Ipanema. If you have the budget, Ipanema is far and away the nicer option, with its lovely beach, tree-lined streets and relative ... [more ]
Whymper summit 5.0 stars
I was a little delirious and at one point I thought we'd reached the summit and collapsed into the snow. As I lay there I stared at the sky, completely clear with not a cloud in sight and more stars than I had ever imagined possible. Raul told me ... [more ]
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