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South America Bars

4.0 stars

South America bar reviews from insiders

Vinicius 4.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
If you like Rio de Janeiro and Bossa Nova then you must, must visit Vinicius Piano Bar. It is located in the Ipanema quarter and just in front of the bar where Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes wrote the famous Bossa Nova song “Ipanema ... [more ]
Armazam de Thiago 5.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
My favourite bar in the whole of Rio is Armazam de Thiago, in Santa Teresa. It's known locally as Bar do Gomez, in honour of the aged proprieter, whose family has been running the joint for over 100 years. This is an original Rio botequim (bars ... [more ]
Cafe du Lage 5.0 stars
Café in Rio de Janeiro
For a relaxing start to the weekend, you can't the full breakfast served al fresco at Cafe du Lage, in the beautiful Park Lage. For R$17 you sit in the beautiful, historic building and feast on homemade breads, jams, fresh fruits, cheeses, ... [more ]
Golden Sucos 5.0 stars
Café in Rio de Janeiro
After a perfect beach day, nothing is better than a stop in one of the juices houses, very common in Rio de Janeiro, to enjoy delicious options of fresh juices. Those “Casa de Sucos” are most found in neighbourhoods nearby the beaches. Despite of ... [more ]
Chaika 5.0 stars
Café in Rio de Janeiro
With the warm climate of Rio de Janeiro, the best is enjoying the selection of ice-creams of Chaika. The traditional houses, in Ipanema neighbourhood and Rio Sul Shopping Centre in Botafogo, have more than 30 flavours in its huge menu, besides ... [more ]
El Cordano 5.0 stars
Bar in Lima
El Cordano is one of Lima’s oldest traditional bars. Not far from Plaza d’Armas, close to the Desamparados Train Station, El Cordano is located just to the right of the Government Palace – and thus has had the visit of many politics and ... [more ]
Carolice 5.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
After filling up on stodge at the Irish Pub, it was down to Carolice street bar, also in Ipanema, for drinks with the locals and gringoes staying/working at the hostels nearby. Having talked the bar's barbeque master into stoking up some flames ... [more ]
Santo Alsanto Cafe 4.0 stars
European, Café in Cuenca
In Cuenca, Ecuador you’ll find the Santo Alsanto Café. A wonderful little place with good coffee and good pie, it’s a fun yet relaxing night out. With seating for about 30, the place isn’t too big or small. Most nights they’ll have the music ... [more ]
Mike's Haus 4.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
You might not expect to stumble across a German-style Bierkeller high in the hills of Santa Teresa, but there it is - Mike's Haus. I stumbled across this place completely by accident while looking for a different bar, and was enticed inside by ... [more ]
Cafe com Letras 4.0 stars
Café in Rio de Janeiro
If you're in need of Internet access and sustenance at the same time, check out this fancy-pants cyber cafe in Leblon. Broadband access is a little pricey at R$3/15 mins, but the food and drinks are very good. You can choose a little plate of ... [more ]
Nova Capela 4.0 stars
South American, Bar in Rio de Janeiro
Open until 5am daily, Nova Capela is something of an institution among Lapa's late night revellers. A relaxed bar/restaurant, it may serve up late night/early morning drinks to a 'tired and emotional' clientele, but the food here is more than ... [more ]
Severyna 4.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
Serving spicy North Eastern food and an eclectic musical menu that varies from forro to samba via pagode and choro, Severyna is choc-a-bloc with locals every night of the week. By all means, come here just to enjoy a chilled beer or juice and a ... [more ]
Casa Cave 4.0 stars
Café in Rio de Janeiro
If you're out and about in Centro and want to take the weight off, stopping for a coffee and a cake at Casa Cave is always a good option. The coffee shop/bakery was founded in 1860, and there's plenty of old-school charm about the place. Visitors ... [more ]
Bar e Restaurant Urca 4.0 stars
Local, Bar in Rio de Janeiro
Too few Rio eating and drinking spots make the most of the city's wonderful natural beauty, but Bar e Restaurante Urca is one place that has used its location's potential to the full. Meals and drinks are prepared inside the restaurant, while ... [more ]
Cafeina 4.0 stars
Café in Rio de Janeiro
With countless varieties of cakes, breads, sandwiches and pastries, Cafeina is a great place to indulge your sweet (or savoury) tooth while getting your caffeine fix. The location, just a couple of minutes from the beach, is lovely, and on sunny ... [more ]
Hideaway 4.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
Another addition to a growing number of cool hangouts in the neighbourhood of Laranjeiras, Hideaway is an ace place to come with friends to chat over a pizza (they're very good here) and a beer or cachaca. Should conversation start to lull, the ... [more ]
Beco do Rato 4.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
A night out in Lapa always offers something unexpected, and being introduced to this gem was a real highlight of a recent Friday night. Having made some new Brazilian friends drinking caipirinhas beneath the Lapa arches, my boyfriend and I were ... [more ]
Bar Armazines do Thiago 4.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
Bar Armazines do Thiago has to be one of my favourite bars in Rio. Located on Largo do Guimaraes, the pretty cobbled square in boho Santa Teresa, this is a real old-school bar that has been here since 1919. The walls are covered with newspaper ... [more ]
Puerto Cafe 4.0 stars
South American, Café in Punta Arenas
If you are visiting Punta Arenas for the first time, perhaps you will end up in the harbor, either as a next stop for your adventures, or just to explore the city’s costal line. If you are looking for Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego maps, good ... [more ]
Bar Monaco 4.0 stars
Bar in Rio de Janeiro
This place doesn't look much, but it's won loads of awards for its seafood, and the service is great. It's away from the beachfront but pretty easy to find, with loads of tables and chairs outside and a 'proper' restaurant inside. You can just ... [more ]
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