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Frankfurt Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Frankfurt

Maredo 4.0 stars
#1 of 7 Restaurants in Frankfurt
Maredo's is a steakhouse on the Fressgasse. It is part of a chain of steakhouses and I would only suggested eating there if you are really craving steak. It is in a lovely part of Frankfurt, but for what you get it is a bit over-priced and there ... [more ]
Pizza & Pasta Factory (Sachsenhausen) 4.0 stars
Italian - #2 of 7 Restaurants in Frankfurt
I love hanging out in Old Sachsenhausen, but sometimes the food is a bit on the expensive side. At the Pizza and Pasta Factory however you are guaranteed a good value feed. If you pick your time right you can grab a pizza from as little as three ... [more ]
Alex 4.0 stars
#3 of 7 Restaurants in Frankfurt
The All You Can Eat buffet at Alex's is a favourite among the German youngsters, and for good reason. It;'s good value and the food is pretty decent. But it's not just the breakfasts that draw the locals in. Alex's offers cocktails at reduced ... [more ]
Asia imbiss 5.0 stars
Chinese - #4 of 7 Restaurants in Frankfurt
Frankfurt central train station has this awesome little Asian imbiss right in the middle of the hallway. You have the opportunity to take your food to go or you can dine in. I got some fried rice that was really good and an apple juice and the ... [more ]
Sushi Circle 3.0 stars
Japanese - #5 of 7 Restaurants in Frankfurt
Sushi Circle has some great Japanese food and is in a top location. Easily accessible from Alte Oper, the Sushi Circle is on the Fressgasse. The sushi train is really popular with the locals, and Japanese tourists alike and it makes a really nice ... [more ]
Living XXL 3.0 stars
German - #6 of 7 Restaurants in Frankfurt
Living is a great club ... if you are 20-25 years old and living in Frankfurt. Friday nights it is where all the young crowd go. Granted the music is pretty good, and it has a great atmosphere because it is normally full ... it still isn't as ... [more ]
Acapulco 1.0 stars
Italian - #7 of 7 Restaurants in Frankfurt
When my boyfriend and I got back from Budapest we had about 40 minutes until our next train to my mother’s place, so we decided to have something to drink somewhere. We chose one of the restaurants on the Kaiser street, right in front of the main ... [more ]
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