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Fuengirola Attractions

2.0 stars
All | Shopping | Government Building | Castle, Fortification, Palace | Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park | Zoo, Aquarium
Migas 4.0 stars
Shopping - #1 of 6
Just opposite Fuengirola´s Train Terminal you will find the Migas Bakery. This place bake traditional Andalusian and Moroccan patisseries. The prices are excellent and you will see so many options it will be hard to choose. My friend who was ... [more ]
Noche de San Juan Festival 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #2 of 6
Every year there is a big party at the Fuengirola´s Playa del Castillo (Castle Beach) on the night of the 24th of June. The festivity is called Noche de San Juan (St. John´s night). This is an unique day of the year that bonfires are allowed on ... [more ]
Casa de la Cultura 4.0 stars
Government Building - #3 of 6
Casa de La Cultura (House of Culture) is part of the Fuengirola Culture Department and has a huge amount of exhibitions, concerts , theater performances and conferences going on throughout the year. The Exhibitions are normally from collections ... [more ]
Myramar Shopping Center 4.0 stars
Shopping - #4 of 6
Myramar is the perfect escape if a day of rain caught you in your holidays here. Myramar is a large complex were you will find loads of shops and entertainment. On the top floor there is a fantastic 12 screens cinema that shows original version ... [more ]
FuengiroLa Zoo 4.0 stars
Zoo, Aquarium - #5 of 6
I´ve very recently visited the Fuengirola Zoo. I really loved it as you feel like you are walking in a forest. Also I love the fact that it was very easy to see the animals in each section. I´ve been to other zoos where you need to be lucky to ... [more ]
Castillo Sohail 3.0 stars
Castle, Fortification, Palace - #6 of 6
The Sohail Castle dates from the Moorish times and one of the landmark symbols of Fuengirola. It can easily be seen on top of the hill from the Motorway as you enter Fuengirola. To get to the castle we walked through the windy and steep paths, ... [more ]
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