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Gdańsk Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Gdańsk vacation

Museum: The Amber Museum 4 stars
What do Poland, amber and the Historical Museum of Gdansk have in common? I found that out when I visited the Amber Museum. The Museum of the city of Gdansk is located in Gdansk, Poland and holds the Amber Museum, a place dedicated to different issues related to amber. The famous building is in the Foregate complex of Dluga Street. I t was finished in June 2006. The first floor is where the documents about the building’s military and defense functions while on the second floor describes how amber was formed is presented in a multimedia presentation. The next floor presents the processing and use of amber while the 4th floor presents amber artifacts from different private collections. I can’t say which part I enjoyed the most because they mere all interesting but in the end I just got bored.


Shopping in Gdansk 4 stars
Shopping in Gdansk must include the traditional amber objects. I bought a nicely crafted amber broche and some amber earrings for my mother. I also paid for a small amber statue of Copernicus, a famous mathematician. I recommend the Cepelia, a great store. I had to buy more than jewelry, so after visiting some libraries I stopped at local store, Gildia. It is a medium sized store with which I was not very impressed. There were cheap “no name” clothes and lingerie everywhere. It was a complete chaos. I got mad and went to a local fast food and ate great polish food. I think in Gdansk it is better to buy little art works or jewelry than clothes.


Gdansk 3 stars
One of the most appreciated cities in Poland, for its artistic style, is Gdansk, in the northern region of Poland called Pomerania.
I went there in July, the same day I went to Sopot, so it was pouring. I managed to take some pictures because I can't think to go somewhere without using my beloved camera, but I would have preferred nice weather, definitely.
Admittedly, I happened to be there in a not very lucky day. As soon as I came a shy sun was trying to impose its light and I rushed to the beach. Sitting in an open-air cosy restaurant I was enjoying the last rays of the day eating a nice fish-based polish speciality.
Suddenly the rain began and I opted for a more commercial walk through the busiest street of the city where I found an impressive choice of amber jewellery. Nice and cheap, for tourists and locals.
Unfortunately I couldn't manage to see the ship museum, which is worth a visit. Maybe a reason to come back.


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