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Dominican Republic Attractions

4.0 stars
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Museum of the Dominican Mnn 4.0 stars
This lovely museum tells the story of the Dominicans even since Christopher Columbus got to the country. You get to learn about the many influences the people of the Dominican Republic have from many countries, not only the Spanish. They trace ... [more ]
Diego Columbus Memorial House 4.0 stars
Right in the Plaza de la Hispanidad, you can find the memorial house of Christopher Columbus's son, Diego Columbus. The house was definitely a great construction in those times. It's not very interesting on the outside, as it has a plain ... [more ]
Santo Domingo, the fortress 5.0 stars
As many of the attractions of Santo Domingo, the fortress is also the first of its kind in the Americas. It's actually the first building with military functions. It has a beautiful tower, where you can climb and have terrific views on the sea ... [more ]
Santo Domingo Aquarium 5.0 stars
Santo Domingo also has many modern tourist attractions, not only the oldest cathedrals and buildings in the Americas. One of my favorite attractions there was the Aquarium. It's enormous and has many parts and numerous displays. Of course, they ... [more ]
Boca Chica Beach 4.0 stars
Boca Chica is one of the loveliest beaches I went to in the Dominican Republic. The beach is very close to the capital, Santo Domingo. During the day, it's full of foreign tourists, especially Western Europeans. There are many locals selling ... [more ]
Hospital Ruins 3.0 stars
Right inside Santo Domingo, there are the ruins of the first hospital in the Americas. I was really surprised that they are not considered a main tourist attraction. The whole building is left to rot and there were almost no tourists when I ... [more ]
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