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Gokarna Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Bangalore to Gokarna by road

On a whim, I decided to catch a bus to Gokarna one Friday evening. It was off season, but still difficult to get a last minute ticket. As luck had it, I managed to get a KSRTC seat just a few hours before departure. There are always interesting people going to Gokarna and sitting on the last seat I befriended some people and shared a clandestine smoke and whiskey.
This is the over-night bus, but in the wee hours, about 4-5am, the bus randomly stopped and the crew of built a bonfire in the middle of the road amidst a forest. This was absurd and would only happen in India.
The bus stops a few km out of Gokarna. From there we had to catch another local bus and an auto rickshaw... [more ]

Underestimating the high tide

Gokarna, being on the (well-visited) West coast of India, offers an excellent... [more ]

Following the arrows

The handful of Gokarna beaches are connected to each other by a boatride or a... [more ]

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Top Rated Attractions

1. Half Crescent 5.0 stars
2. Om Beach 2.0 stars
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