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Ecuador Attractions

3.0 stars
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Cotopaxi 5.0 stars
Ruminahui is a volcano in the Cotopaxi National Park that can be climbed in a day and doesn’t require any special gear or guides. There are three distinct peaks on this volcano, and I’d recommend climbing the lowest of the three. From the ... [more ]
Whymper summit 5.0 stars
I was a little delirious and at one point I thought we'd reached the summit and collapsed into the snow. As I lay there I stared at the sky, completely clear with not a cloud in sight and more stars than I had ever imagined possible. Raul told me ... [more ]
Mindo Nambillo 4.0 stars
They call it ‘white water rafting’, but the rafting in Mindo doesn’t quite live up to that name. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go rafting while you’re there, though. Plenty of places in town will offer rafting trips, and all will be ... [more ]
Machalilla National Park 5.0 stars
If ever you need reminding of the subtle power struggle between nature and man then take a whale watching tour from one of the many boat-owner/guides at Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. As you take off in the morning sun, it’s difficult to imagine that ... [more ]
Mt Chimborazo 5.0 stars
I was told that the summit would take us 6 to 8 hours so needless to say I was full of confidence and so we pushed on along the ridge and began the long ascent up to the top of the world. The climb to the ridge had been pretty steep with a few ... [more ]
Mt. Chimborazo 5.0 stars
After a meal with my guide, a Swedish guy and his guide, I ran around outside taking photos of Mt Chimborazo while there was still light in the sky. It was still showing off; glowing a dusty red in dusk light as a full moon rose over its shoulder ... [more ]
Stay in Touch Healing Centre 5.0 stars
A massage at 'Stay in Touch' healing centre in Banos took relaxation to a whole new level. Infact, I'd have to say that the word 'relax' does it no justice at all and I might use words like 'floating', 'peaceful', 'blissful' and 'light as a ... [more ]
Cuenca 4.0 stars
Cuenca is a beautiful city in southern Ecuador (about a 9-hour bus ride from Quito) and a lot of fun, especially during Carnival. In Ecuador, the custom during Carnival is to have a month-long water fight, but in the south this gets taken to ... [more ]
Confederate Books 4.0 stars
It’s tough finding a bookstore while travelling that sells books in English. In Quito, the place to go is Confederate Books. Just a block off of Amazonas at the corner of Juan Leon Mera and Jose Calama, this is a treasure trove of good books at ... [more ]
Malecón del Salado 3.0 stars
It is situated on the coast, next to the river Guayas, and maintains a constant temperature of about 35°C all year. Between April and November not a drop of rain will fall, December through March will be pretty drizzly. It has a long history of ... [more ]
Las Penas 3.0 stars
Another big renovation project was Las Peñas, a hillside shanty town overlooking the city and named after a sort of party they used to have in their shacks. Again, it’s been cleaned up, given guards and licensing hours and even numbers on the ... [more ]
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