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Virgin sacrifices

Virgins were sacrificed at the summit of the Ampato Volcano by Incan priests to please their mountain Gods. The children were chosen from a special School of the Virgins in Cuzco, only for ´´the prettiest and most intelligent´´. It is not known how willingly the children walked up the Ampato Volcano, which overlooks Arequipa, but what archaeologists do is that they were drugged with chicha and left to freeze to death or struck over the head by a priest with one fatal blow. The most famous mummy on display is the Ice Maiden Juanita, who can be seen at the Museo Santuarios Andinos. [more ]

The Point, Arequipa

This hostel is not as raucous as its sister in Cusco (see Cosmotip) but it... [more ]

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1. Colca-Canyon
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Arequipa Taxi, Taxi, Taxi auf dem Land Plaza de Armas Barney
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