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Granada Vacations, Tourism and Travel

5.0 stars

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Granada Highlights

I loved almost every part of Spain that I saw. Granada was spectacular for the historical significance and the beautiful architecture that abounded in the city. Some of the highlights for me were: La Alhambra, El Generalife, La Capilla Real and La Catedral, the Albaicín, Sacromonte, and all the places to shop. La Alhambra, a palace/fortress, and the Generalife, the gardens just outside the Alhambra, are both places you will not want to miss. La Catedral adjoins La Capilla Real (which houses the remains of some of the Spanish monarchs). The Albaicín is the old Muslim quarter on the hill that faces the Alhambra. I highly recommend climbing to Mirador San Nicolás from which you have a... [more ]

Shopping in Granada

I enjoy browsing the marketplaces and shops of any area I visit. I... [more ]

The High Peaks

The Sierra Nevada National Park besides being the highest in Spain, is also... [more ]

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Granada - Top Locations

Top Rated Hotels

1. Alhambra Palace 4.0 stars
2. Reina Cristina 5.0 stars
3. AC Granada 5.0 stars
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Top Rated Attractions

1. Alhambra 5.0 stars
2. Cathedral of Granada 5.0 stars
3. Generalife 5.0 stars
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Top Rated Restaurants

1. Casa Enrique 5.0 stars
2. Casa Torcuato del Albayzin 5.0 stars
3. El Huerto de Juana Rana 5.0 stars
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Top Rated Hostels

1. Oasis Backpackers' Hostel 3.0 stars
2. Hostel Britz 4.0 stars
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Top Rated Bars

1. El Reventaero 4.0 stars
2. Tantra Bar 3.0 stars
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Top Rated Clubs

1. Eshavira Club 5.0 stars
2. Granada 10 5.0 stars
3. Vogue 3.0 stars
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