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Egypt Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Egypt vacation

Be careful in jewelry stores 2 stars
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Egypt is full of shiny jewelry stores with appealing prices. Although I wouldn't recommend to shop in smaller once which you know totally nothing about. We went to one of them with my friend and found a good choice of beautiful golden rings with semi-precious stones. My friend was trying on different rings from the carton which the shop assistant was holding in a hand. Finally she didn't find anything which would look good on her hand: they were either too small or too big, or just didn't fit to the her style. She returned every ring back to it's place on the carton and was about to leave but the employee started to scream like crazy, saying that she didn't return the ring. He was pointing at her hand with an expensive diamond engagement ring that her husband gave her years ago. We were very confused, because he spoke very bad English, but luckily there was a guy with us with quite good Arabic, who works in the Embassy. He used his influence and language to explain to the employee that that's a very bad trick. Otherwise I think we could end up in Police for hours of explanations. We heard later the same stories about different jewelry stores in different towns in Egypt.


Be aware of Duty Free tricks 2 stars
On the way back from Egypt we decided to use the value of Duty Free shop and to fulfill the last points of the presents list.
We've bought some perfume, sweets and alcohol and went to the cash register. The problem is that they have Arabic numbers on the cash register and show you the total on the calculator adding from 10 to 40 dollars more.
We have noticed that the number on the display is much more then we expected and took our time to count. We had 20 dollars extra! We told informed them about it and they recounted very fast everything to the right sum.
Later we told about it to our friends and they said they had the same situation. My parents were tricked the same way but noticed my later.
So be attentive or learn Arabic numbers.


Pyramids of Giza 3 stars
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Perhaps it is that these pyramids are one of the seven manmade wonders of the world; perhaps it is the question of how they were created; or perhaps it is simply that they are one of the most photographed and advertised historical sites in the world. Whatever it is, people are drawn to them and spend their lifetimes wishing to see them. I was most certainly one of those people. A hired camel and guide took me on a circular route around five of them. I am still debating the wisdom of paying such a great fee for the privilege. On the one hand, a guide makes pleasant company when travelling alone, and I was certainly entertained with stories of the pyramids. On the other, I have legs so that I can walk, and it was not a great distance to go – although the sand and heat may have made it slightly less pleasant. I think the reason I felt somewhat regretful of paying so much – or at all - was that I did not feel quite as impressed by the pyramids as I expected to. I had, perhaps, built them up so much in my mind that they could never live up to what I had imagined. At the time there was a part of me that wished that I hadn’t seen them at all, as then they would have remained as large and pristine in my mind as they had done before. But in retrospect I feel very glad that I did see them – in all their dilapidated glory, with all the surrounding debris, and despite the swarms of tourists that enveloped them – for there was at least one moment when I truly felt in awe of that ancient race of people and the wonder they created.


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