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Egypt Attractions

3.0 stars
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Medinat Habu 4.0 stars
Because it is slightly off the main road to the Valley of the Kings, Medinat Habu is a site which tourists often miss. But it is well worth your time! The temple is built on the break between the green farmland surrounding the small towns of ... [more ]
Nile River Dinner Cruise 4.0 stars
Of course, like any other budget traveller, we had our doubts to the Nile River Cruise - was it just for the rich and frivolous, bad-standard food and cheesy belly dancers? Fret not, it was a truly relaxing way of seeing Egypt, from a ... [more ]
Cario to Luxor Trains 4.0 stars
There are several ways to get to Luxor from Cairo. In my opinion, the most efficient is the overnight train from Cairo direct to Luxor. The train leaves from Giza station around 10.30pm and arrives in Luxor around 6am. The accommodation ... [more ]
Museums of Alexander Antiquities 4.0 stars
The last but not least attraction of the city is the antiquities, being built by Alexander the great you can instantly imagine how rich it will be with treasures, unfortunately it is not the case, for the ancient city was a little to the north ... [more ]
Nobi's Stables 4.0 stars
Nobi's stables is a great place to rent a horse for a ride. You can ride alongside the Nile or out into the desert. We chose to ride into the desert and watch the sunset. It was beautiful! The horses are healthy, which is often not the case ... [more ]
The Sphinx 3.0 stars
Usually when I've seen photos of the Sphinx it's been framed in a similar way to this photo here, making the Sphinx look like it's really close to the Pyramids and that it's of similar size. So when I saw it in real life I was disappointed to ... [more ]
Pyramid of Teti 3.0 stars
I went to the Pyramids in April and it was scorching and there is no shelter from the sun so make sure you have a hat or something so you don't get burnt, also cover up arms and legs as there are loads of guys that try and grab you and put you on ... [more ]
Ramesseum 3.0 stars
This complex, built by Ramses II as a testament to his eternal strength, has perhaps not stood the test of time so well as its creator would have hoped. The ruins are not nearly so impressive as those at Medinat Habu, just a short distance down ... [more ]
Great Pyramid of Giza 3.0 stars
I feel kind of bad for saying this, because the pyramids get so much hype... but when I saw them I kind of thought, yeah, so what. They weren't nearly as big as they had been built up in my imagination, and frankly once you've been at the site ... [more ]
Bent Pyramid 3.0 stars
You can't actually visit the Bent Pyramid, because it's located in a militarized zone. But you can see it in the distance from the Red Pyramid in Dahshur, and if you stop on the road on the way to the Red Pyramid you can get a closer look. It's ... [more ]
Antiquities Office/Ticket Office for the West Bank 3.0 stars
Tickets for the most popular destinations on the West Bank, including the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, are available for purchase at the sites themselves. Beware, however, that tickets for many sites on the West Bank can ... [more ]
The Citadel 4.0 stars
I wanted to see the Citadel because it seems that from wherever you are in Cairo, you can see the Citadel and the Mosque of Mohammed Ali, which dominates the skyline. I got there early one morning and I have to say I was very disappointed. Apart ... [more ]
Memphis 2.0 stars
We took a day trip from Cairo to see Memphis, the Step Pyramid at Zoser's Funerary Complex, and the Red Pyramid at Dashur. We enjoyed our trip immensely, but if we had it to do over again, we'd probably give Memphis a miss. If you are ... [more ]
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