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Egypt Attractions

3.0 stars
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Giza pyramid complex 4.0 stars
At dawn, the sound & light show takes place on a (because of the desert sand) weather-beaten stage with a view to the sphinx and the pyramids. During nice light effects, the story of old Egypt is told. Although the content of the story is not ... [more ]
Valley of the Kings 4.0 stars
The Valley of the Kings is a very worthwhile tourist destination. There are several things to be aware of, however, which will make your journey much more pleasant. First: Bring your own water, as the valley is hot and dusty, and the ... [more ]
Step Pyramid 3.0 stars
If you visit the Step Pyramid and Zoser's Funerary Complex, you will probably be approached at the ticket booths by someone offering to show you the "extras" for a small fee. While we usually shy away from such offers, we decided to try this ... [more ]
The Blue Hole 3.0 stars
There are a number of pretty nice snorkelling spots in Dhahab. The water here is very buoyant ,due to the enormous amount of salt in the Red Sea, so floating is effortless and an easy dip is guaranteed (unless you want to get down a few feet and ... [more ]
Karnak Temple 4.0 stars
I didn't really know what to expect when my traveling companion and I set out for Karnak Temple complex early one morning. I was certainly surprised by the scale of the place! As far as I'm aware, this is the largest temple complex in Egypt. ... [more ]
Luxor Temple 4.0 stars
By day, Luxor Temple is just one more in a long string of temples to see in Luxor. But at night, it becomes something else altogether! Luxor Temple is mercifully spared the horrid sound effects that accompany the kitschy light show at Karnak, ... [more ]
Khan al-Khalili 4.0 stars
The Khan al Khalili, the famous market in Islamic Cairo, is a favorite tourist destination. This means, of course, that it is something of a tourist trap. It's worth a visit nevertheless, but I found that the merchandise was very over-priced and ... [more ]
Ägyptisches Museum 3.0 stars
The current Egyptian museum is in shockingly bad condition, considering the importance of some of the exhibits (the tomb of Tutankhamun, for example). Apparently a new facility is being built and will be ready in 2011; until then they have ... [more ]
Dahab 4.0 stars
Dahab means gold in Arabic. It is said that this name was given by the Bedouins, who likened the shimmering sands to gold dust. If you are after total rest and relaxation, holidays in Dahab are just for you. With its sleepy, relaxed way of life, ... [more ]
Bibliothek von Alexandria 4.0 stars
If you aren’t into the sea you can always go visit the phenomenal "Bibliotheca Alexandrina". After being destroyed a couple of times, Egypt set out an international project to rebuild it and the results were amazing, the fabulous building is ... [more ]
Colossi of Memnon 4.0 stars
These are very impressive statues which were once part of a massive temple complex. They now stand virtually alone on the plain, and they are well worth a short detour off the main road. Go early if you can, around 8am, to appreciate these ... [more ]
Al Azhar Mosque 4.0 stars
This is a not-to-be-missed attraction in Islamic Cairo. The mosque is across the main road from the Khan al Khalili, and its three minarets dominate the view. I found it to be one of the most accessible and one of the most beautiful mosques in ... [more ]
Museum of Egyptian Modern Art 4.0 stars
There are some truly stunning works in this museum. If you enjoy modern art, this is a worthy destination. The collection is fairly large and encompasses a wide variety of media. Admission is only L. E. 5 for foreigners. You can see most of ... [more ]
White Desert 5.0 stars
We were counting the stars right above us, they felt so near like they were within our grasp. I looked around us, all I could see was pure darkness, and a whole sky filled with glittering stars enveloping us. All I could hear was sheer silence, ... [more ]
Giftun Island 5.0 stars
Another fascinating activity you can do is take a yacht to Giftun island, it is tropical like island surrounded by coral reefs and an amazing marine life with sea turtles and may be even dolphins, unfortunately the Egyptian government is about to ... [more ]
Tombs of the Nobles 4.0 stars
The Tombs of the Nobles are often passed over in favour of the more famous tombs in the Valley of the Kings. While these tombs are certainly not as large or as richly decorated as those of the pharaoh's, they are often better preserved because ... [more ]
Cairo Opera House 4.0 stars
The Opera House in the Gezira Exhibition Grounds was built in 1988 after the old Opera House burned down. The new one was a gift from the Japanese. The building itself is built in a modern, minimalist style based on traditional Islamic designs ... [more ]
Citadel of Qaitbay 4.0 stars
There is also a big castle in the most western part of the city, it is "the Citadel of Qaitbay", it is said to have been built on the ruins of the ancient Alexandrian Lighthouse which is a member of the wonders of the ancient world. You can see ... [more ]
Cario to Luxor Trains 4.0 stars
There are several ways to get to Luxor from Cairo. In my opinion, the most efficient is the overnight train from Cairo direct to Luxor. The train leaves from Giza station around 10.30pm and arrives in Luxor around 6am. The accommodation ... [more ]
Museums of Alexander Antiquities 4.0 stars
The last but not least attraction of the city is the antiquities, being built by Alexander the great you can instantly imagine how rich it will be with treasures, unfortunately it is not the case, for the ancient city was a little to the north ... [more ]
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