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getting around the administration

Everyone I’ve dealt with at the hospital has been lovely, including the director who became impatient with all the impossible bits of paper I was supposed to produce and ended up dashing off a very terse letter saying she’s quite happy with my qualifications and the pen pushers should just nick off.
So at the moment we appear to be moving forward. Today the plan is to see a Danish movie with French subtitles, probably not as bamboozling as the local electricity commission. Hard to say whether it will be better for our French or our Danish! [more ]

meeting people and climbing the Alps

During these days of ridiculous frustrations we have occasionally considered... [more ]

the electricity connection

At the end of the first phone call it became evident that the clerk had made... [more ]

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1. Grenoble at Night 4.0 stars
2. Place Victor Hugo 4.0 stars
3. Studio Kleber 4.0 stars
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1. The Sand Bar 4.0 stars
2. The London Pub 2.0 stars
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