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Hamburg Attractions

4.0 stars
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Reeperbahn 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #1 of 53
The Reeperbahn is probably the most famous street in Hamburg. Close to the harbor you will find a large selection of adult entertainment and boutiques here, but also some fantastic theaters, night clubs, and cabarets. The further along you go, ... [more ]
Schanzenviertel 4.0 stars
Quarter - #2 of 53
The Schanze fleamarket is open Saturdays from 8am to 4 pm and it's great fun, even if you don't plan to buy anything at all. On the premises of an former slaughterhouse professional fleamarket dealers sell furniture and books and amateurs sell ... [more ]
Hamburger Hafen 4.0 stars
Harbour - #3 of 53
The harbor in Hamburg is always worth a visit. Even in the worst weather it is hard to ecape its fascination. Here the impressive museum ships Rickmer Rickmers (an old barque the bright colors of which always stand out) and the Cap San Diego are ... [more ]
Elbstrand 5.0 stars
Beach - #4 of 53
One of my favorite things to do on a warm, sunny day in Hamburg ist to take one of the harbor boats to "Övelgönne", to the beach. Yes, Hamburg has a beach! It might not be the ocean but it's actual sand and it's a great place to relax. The boats ... [more ]
Chilehaus 4.0 stars
Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place - #5 of 53
The Chilehaus is one of the most important architectual landmarks in Hamburg. It´s a huge building, erected in the early 1920s. The design is brick expressionism, characteristic for Hamburg, and its well worth the walk from the main shopping ... [more ]
Christmas Fair 4.0 stars
Market Place - #6 of 53
A very beautiful part of the Hamburg Christmas Fair in my opinion is in December at the Jungfernstieg. Tasteful chains of lights illuminate a number of stalls in tents - mostly selling glühwein and food. Since Hamburg is seldom blessed with snow ... [more ]
Planten un Blomen 5.0 stars
Park - #7 of 53
One of the nicest parks in Hamburg is Planten un Blomen. You can sit in garden of roses, lie down on the grass or relax on one of the deck chairs. There is also an adventure playground for children where a lot of wooden animals are placed. In ... [more ]
St. Michaelis' Church 5.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #8 of 53
No visit to Hamburg is complete without a visit to St. Michael´s, or Michel, as the locals call it, the city´s most beloved church. Once this would have been the most dominating landmark in the harbor, now it is surrounded by commercial and ... [more ]
City Hall (Hamburger Rathaus) 5.0 stars
City Hall - #9 of 53
The city hall of Hamburg is one of the nicest German city halls I have ever seen. Built in the nineteenth century it looks older, this is because of its style – neo renaissance. The tower of the city hall, right above the main gate dominates the ... [more ]
Speicherstadt 4.0 stars
Quarter - #10 of 53
This is the biggest warehouse complex in the world, and it´s an architectural marvel. It was in the late 19th/early 20th century and streches out over a mile just up the river from old landing stages (Landungsbrücken). The Speicherstadt is a ... [more ]
Portugiesenviertel 5.0 stars
Quarter - #11 of 53
The Portuguese quarter in Hamburg is roughly situated between Reeperbahn, harbor and the city center and is mostly known for its restaurants. Numerous small restaurants, most of which have specialized in fish, are found in the narrow streets of ... [more ]
Planetarium Hamburg 4.0 stars
Planetarium - #12 of 53
Even if you consider it nerdy you should still check it out. The Hamburg Planetarium is located in the Stadtpark, the huge city park north of the Alster lake. The building used to be the water tower and it looks like something from the Planet of ... [more ]
Theater im Hafen 5.0 stars
Opera, Theatre, Concert Hall - #13 of 53
I have to be honest here. I've seen The Lion King on video about a hundred times. Not because I wanted to, but because it was my nephew's favourite movie. And I didn't mind watching it at all. The humour is great, and who can fault Elton John's ... [more ]
Tierpark Hagenbeck 4.0 stars
Zoo, Aquarium - #14 of 53
The main zoo in Hamburg is Hagenbeck's Tierpark. It is easy to get to by taking the U2 line--less than 20 minutes from the Alster. The animals in the zoo are easily accessible to visitors--in fact, guests are encouraged to feed them! There is ... [more ]
Friedhof Ohlsdorf 4.0 stars
Park - #15 of 53
Visiting cemeteries seems creepy to some, but it´s actually a really interesting insight into a city´s history. This one has plenty to offer. It is the second biggest cemetery in the world in terms of area covered (there´s a bus line that serves ... [more ]
Old Elbe Tunnel 4.0 stars
Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site - #16 of 53
I went to hamburg to catch up with some relatives earlier this year and my Auntie took me through the Old Elb Tunnel. Whilst the new tunnel is similar to any tunnel you have driven through, the old tunnel is a sight to be seen. We drove the car ... [more ]
Hamburger Stadtpark 4.0 stars
Park - #17 of 53
The Hamburger Stadtpark is a green oasis within the city and it's a great place to spend a saturday afternoon. Pack your bags with everything you need for a good barbeque, take blanket, a football or a frisbee and your friends and don't forget ... [more ]
Heiligengeistfeld 4.0 stars
Square - #18 of 53
We didn’t find the fun fair at Hamburg, it found us. We had just a couple days passing though the city, so we just generally caught the metro to random parts of town to look about. When we got off at Heiligengeistfeld and saw the Ferris wheel ... [more ]
Museum of Hamburg History 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #19 of 53
The Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte gives a comprehensive overview over all things Hamburg, the first settlements, the rise to a trade centre, and a lot of 20th century history with film documentaries and stunning pictures of the harbor. It ... [more ]
Feuerschiff 4.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #20 of 53
The flaming red Feuerschiff is a former light vessel now serving as a restaurant/bar at the harbor of Hamburg with a great view of passing ships. The food served is mostly fish (tasty!), but there are also a bar and a pub and the ship is rented ... [more ]
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