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Amsterdam Hostels

4.0 stars

Amsterdam hostel reviews from travelers

Shelter City Christian Hostel 4.0 stars
#1 of 6 Hostels in Amsterdam
If you are young and are taking a trip to Amsterdam then you should consider staying at the Shelter City Christian Hostel. I have had several friends stay there, and ... [more ]
Internet / Tel / Fax
Amsterdam/Flying Pig Downtown 5.0 stars
#2 of 6 Hostels in Amsterdam
If you are a young person on a tight budget who just wants the genuine experience of being in Amsterdam and don’t care where you sleep than you should stay at the ... [more ]
Hostelboat Annamaria II 5.0 stars
#3 of 6 Hostels in Amsterdam
There are plenty of options for accommodation in Amsterdam. For those of you who are looking for something affordable but are sick of the usual hostel dorm experience ... [more ]
Botel Zebra 5.0 stars
#4 of 6 Hostels in Amsterdam
Another good affordable houseboat is Botel Zebra, located east of the main train station (about a 10 minute walk). There are 11 small rooms that sleep two people each ... [more ]
Food & Drinks
Dam Hotel 3.0 stars
#5 of 6 Hostels in Amsterdam
The Dam Hotel was in a great location, close to both the Red Light District and the main train station. It wasn't the most fantastic hostel, but we were lucky enough ... [more ]
Bulldog Hotel 2.0 stars
#6 of 6 Hostels in Amsterdam
I just came back from Amsterdam last weekend. I stayed there for three nights at the Bulldog Hotel. It was very windy and cold, so I was very happy to have booked my ... [more ]
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