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Hyderabad Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Mocha Coffee House

Banjara Hills, Road No.7

With the tagline, “Coffee and Conversation,” this ambient café inspires far more than simple conversation amidst its lusciously and luxuriantly draped walls. Taking its decorative inspiration straight out of the Arabian Nights, you might be surprised not to find Aladdin or one of his cronies nursing a hookah next to you as you serenely sip a cup of Moroccan mint tea or indulge in one of its many specialty coffees or sumptuously bedecked desserts.
The place is situated in a 2-story converted haveli on a street shared with other posh homes in one of Hyderabad’s wealthiest, trendiest, most relaxed, see-and-be-seen neighborhoods.
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Charminar, Old City Pt. 3

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Golconda Fort, Old City Pt. 1

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