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Iesolo Travel Tips

3.0 stars

Insider advice for your Iesolo vacation

The Beach of Jesolo 3 stars
After exploring Venice shortly, we then headed to Jesolo (north of Venice; still in Italy) as we had a room reservation at one of the bungalows there. Our bungalow was located very close to the beach (the Beach of Jesolo or the Beach of the Adrian Sea) which I think it was only about 5 meters away by foot.

The Beach of Jesolo was very nice and pretty clean. The next day we went to the beach at early morn (I think it was not even 6 AM if I am not mistaken); we did not see anyone but the empty beach guard spot; I guess it was just too early. We also did not go into the water; we just took a walk along the shore here and there (I do have to mention, the beach is not a sandy beach one, though, but still pretty cool), sat for awhile like an hour or so. I remember the sunrise was very nice that morning and the chill morning air was really refreshing; once we returned to the bungalow, we were ready to head France ;)


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