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Iguaçu Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Samba con churrasco

As soon as I got off the plane in the small airport of Iguaçu I've been welcomed, together with the other passengers, by a sexy samba dancer following the rhythm of the drums played by a pint-sized musician.
First I thought they were going to decorate me with a chain of flowers in a Hawaian style, but I suddenly realized that the only gift they had for me was a flyer about a nightclub.
Well, it was nice to get in touch with locals anyway.
I got all spruced up for the night and at 8 I was starting my dinner in a huge restaurant with a buffet offering every and any kind of food, from salads, hot and cold dishes, delicious desserts and of course a various churrasco.[more ]

Under the waterfalls with the Macuco Safari

When I boarded on the little boat with the purpose to bring me and a small... [more ]

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1. Iguazu Falls 5.0 stars
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