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A great thing about little rural towns….

The Invermere farmer’s market happens every Saturday from June to September. This is a great place to pick up things from local honey to arts and crafts. The purveyors come out and set up tents early on Saturday morning to hock their wears. The official hours are from 9 until 1:00 in the afternoon. I find if you get there too late a lot is sold out or people are packing up. Not that there isn’t fresh fruits and vegetables but this market seems to be a more focused on crafts than perishables, personally not necessarily a bad thing, it just shows the diversity of the area.
If you are in the area it is very much worth the trip. I personally enjoy grabbing a coffee from Gerry’s Galati... [more ]

Every town should have one of these…

The Quality Bakery is one of the other places I like to go for a quick bite... [more ]

Good food, great coffee!

Personally the town of Invermere doesn’t need anything further to keep me... [more ]

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1. Gerry’s Gelati 4.0 stars
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