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France Bars

4.0 stars

France bar reviews from insiders

Berthillon 5.0 stars
French, Café in Paris
Berthillon is my son's absolute favorite ice cream shop, hands down. There are a few locations throughout Paris, and whenever we're in the area close to one, we make sure that we stop by Berthillon for some of the best ice cream in town. He ... [more ]
Creperie Beaubourg 3.0 stars
French, Café in Paris
Yesterday (17/08), I have a long walk on Mare with my friend. Before going home I'm offer her to drink some cider in restaurant near Center Pompidou ( Creperie Beaubourg: 2, rue Brisemiche). After we take a seat waiter proposed us menu and ... [more ]
Café des Deux Moulins 5.0 stars
French, Café in Paris
When finding out that our hostel was close to the area of Sacre Coeur,we started looking for what we could visit there. Then we realized that the coffee-shop from “Amelie” was in that area, so we looked for it and surprisingly, found it. Claudio ... [more ]
Le Cafe de la Mode 5.0 stars
French, Café in Marseille
My husband and I stopped by Le Cafe de la Mode for lunch just as the weather was clearing up... rain had been pouring down since our breakfast at Le Grand Bar Pierre and since then, we had stuck mainly inside the surrounding shops. Here at Le ... [more ]
Cafe Baroc 5.0 stars
Café in Paris
In the Fourth Arrondissement, nestled on the Rue du Roi de Sicile, is a fantastic little cafe/bar done up to look like a vintage salon that was crossbred with a glamorous film noir. The upper bar bears the latter, and the basement the former. ... [more ]
Le Tribal Café 5.0 stars
Arab, Bar in Paris
This place has a great, low-key atmosphere any time of the week. It's not a very tourist atmosphere, so almost all of the clients are locals or regulars who come every night and move in: if you don't have a table by ten, chances are, you aren't ... [more ]
Indiana Cafe 5.0 stars
Café in Paris
I stumbled into Indiana Café by happy accident the first time I went to Paris, when most of the surrounding restaurants were either too full or too expensive. I was sold on the happy hour, albeit I was prepared for weak cocktails and poor ... [more ]
The Quay's Irish Pub 5.0 stars
Bar in Cannes
Any English-speaker visiting Cannes should stop by Quay's for a pint and a chat with the barstaff. Cannes has a big English-speaking population: people work on the boats from everywhere from Australia to Ireland, and there is an international ... [more ]
Loop Bar 5.0 stars
Steaks, Bar in Tignes
This is one of my favourite bars in Tignes, it is really good fun. There is live music, a pretty cheap happy hour - pitchers of beer for nine Euros - and usually a fun crowd. Its near the slopes so you can ski / board to right across the road ... [more ]
Morrison's Irish Pub 5.0 stars
Bar in Cannes
Morrison's is one of two great Irish pubs in Cannes, the other being Quay's. People tend to hit both on different nights: Sunday night is Ladies' Night at Morrison's, so even Quay's staff will stop by. In fact, Morrison's and Quay's staff are ... [more ]
Le Crocodile 5.0 stars
Bar in Paris
This bar is tons of fun... mainly because of the menu: tt's about twenty pages long. My friends and I used to go and try to methodically make our way through all the cocktails, but we gave up in the end because there were too many. Some ... [more ]
coffee shops of Paris 5.0 stars
Café in Paris
If you are planning on taking a trip to Paris, France then you should stop in one of their many coffee shops for some coffee because it is very good. Just the overall style of how they serve you the coffee and the whole atmosphere of the coffee ... [more ]
Brioche Doree 5.0 stars
French, Café in Lyon
Brioche Doree reminds me of an old, well-established bakery that you would expect to find hidden in a small nook somewhere in the middle of an massively-sized city, making it that town's own little secret, but in fact, it's a well-known, popular ... [more ]
Grand Cafe des Negociants 5.0 stars
French, Café in Lyon
Tea time at Le Grand Cafe des Negociants was a grand choice for us to make. We brought our son here with us, who was warmly welcomed and treated with so much respect by our waitress that it made him blush, which I thought may have been a problem ... [more ]
Le Stado 5.0 stars
French, Café in Paris
Right before my now-husband and I were married, we went out to Le Stado, a lively bistro with a funky flair about it. From what I can remember, we ordered from Le Menu du Stado for around twenty-five or so Euros per person. I can remember this ... [more ]
Le Petit Nego 5.0 stars
French, Café in Lyon
If you're in the mood for a healthier lunch option, such as a club sandwich or a salad, just to later splurge on a delicate little chocolate tart and diet-killing ice cream treats while dining on an outdoor terrace and sitting in, surprisingly ... [more ]
Philosophes Café 5.0 stars
French, Café in Paris
During the first month that I was here in France, I can remember my first meeting with my husband's mother, who is now my mother-in-law. My husband and I met up with his mother at a lovely little cafe for breakfast at her expense. The name of ... [more ]
Bistro Romain 5.0 stars
Italian, Café in Bordeaux
Bordeaux is a lovely city with wonderful sights to see and some of the best restaurants I had ever eaten at, although we were only here for a little over one day's time. One of the restaurants we dined at was called, "Bistro Romain," a nice ... [more ]
Paul Bakery & Patisserie 5.0 stars
French, Café in Paris
I had passed by the Paul Bakery & Patisserie for so many years before actually realizing that it was one of the top bakeries in town. Knowing that my son loves sweets (and so do I!), we took a little stroll into the nearest location around ... [more ]
Le Concorde 5.0 stars
French, Café in Bordeaux
Before we continued travelling through France, the last place my husband and I dined at was Le Concorde for a quick, though hearty breakfast. Here, we had fresh fruit, yogurt and delicious buttery croissants with a small platter of cheese and ... [more ]
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