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Jaisalmer Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Jaisalmer Havelis

Jaiselmer is a great place to check out Havelis as everything is in walking distance and it is no effort to get to places.

Of the three main Havelis in the fort, my favourite was PATWON KI HAVELI which is actually the biggest and you are allowed up onto the roof.

The NATHMALJI KI HAVELI is also worth a look and there is a nice story behind its architecture (which I would spoil by telling you here but it involves brothers, elephants and a prime minister !!)

As I said, all of these can be visited on foot so just plan for a walking afternooon and you can take in them all. [more ]

Camel Safari

Jaisalmer is a good place to arrange a camel safari from.

A... [more ]

Jaisalmer - Jain Temple

There is a tendancy in India to get a bit 'templed out' as there are just so... [more ]

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1. Jaisalgarh Hotel 5.0 stars
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