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Ceará Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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A privileged region of Brazil

Ceara is one of the most beautiful states of Brazil. Besides the interesting capital Fortaleza, the region, very well-divided in its 578 km of coast, has much more to offer to the travellers. In the east of Fortaleza, for instance, it can be seen amazing beaches. One of them is Praia das Fontes, where you can observe the sea on one side and reddish cliffs with sources of natural water on the other side. Canoa Quebrada is other great option although the beach uses to be crowded. This attractive village was discovered by hippies on 70’s and nowadays is very popular. On the other hand, travelling towards the west of the capital, Cumbuco and Jericoacara deserve a visit. Cumbuco is a fantastic... [more ]

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1. Seara Praia
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1. Beach Park
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