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Travel Guide Germany

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Germany - Travel Guide

A guest among friends…even after the 2006 soccer world championships, Germany invites visitors to explore its numerous sights. 

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is one of the most charming travel destinations of Germany.  Its visitors are awaited by an unbelievable number of tourist high-lights, such as the house of parliament, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the museum mile, the chateau of Charlottenburg, or the Potsdam Plaza.

In Baden-Wuerttemberg, the natural jewels Black Forest and Lake Constance allure.  Emerald green waters surround the islands of Mainau and Reichenau (UNESCO historic site), which are located in the midst of Lake Constance. 

Bavaria is the number one vacation state:  in the fantastic stetting of the Alps lay the two world famous fairy tale castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau of King Ludwig II.  Its capital Munich offers metropolitan flair and rural charm, Mediterranean spirit, art treasures, and of course:  the Octoberfest.  Beer garden meets Haute Cuisine; Opera meets In-Style bars; these are only two opposites that couldn’t fit the description any better.  Aside from this, a definite visit should be made to the “Frauenkirche” with its two towers, which is the symbol of Munich, the “Marienplatz”, Munich’s urban center, and chateau “Nymphenburg”, considered one of the most beautiful castles in the world, due to its architecture and gardens.

Approximately one third of the state Brandenburg’s area are large nature preserves, such as “Unteres Odertal” National Park, the 3 biosphere preserves “Spreewald”, “Schorfheide-Chorin”, and the river area of “Elbe-Brandenburg”.

In the state capital Potsdam, a fascinating ensemble of castle and park settings can be admired – in the heart of which and world famous is the gardens and castle of “Sanssouci”. 

Hamburg is the most important ocean port of Germany.  The city on the Elbe River elegantly displays its merchant palaces on the shopping boulevards and in cultural halls; it offers international musicals, exclusive shopping centers, and the world famous night club district “St. Pauli”.  An impressive hodgepodge of channels, docks, quays, and bridges are found in the Port of Hamburg, which invites to a harbor tour by boat.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is home to the largest, connected body of water in central Europe:  the Mecklenburg Lake District.  Water hiking, surfing, sailing, hiking, horseback riding, and bicycling-the “land of a thousand lakes” offers hundreds of possibilities to explore the region and enjoy nature.  Additionally the shiningly white chalk stone coast of the peninsula Jasmund is well worth a visit. It is the symbol of the island “Ruegen”, Germany’s larges island in the East Sea. 

The capital of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, is a sports and fashion city.  Its world famous “Koenigsallee” calls for exclusive shopping.  In light of this, the city of Cologne, Köln, is not only the Carnival capital of Germany, but also the home of the “Kölner Dom”, on of the greatest church structures of Christianity.

The “Barbarossa CityKaiserslautern in Rheinland-Pfalz calls for a visit of its Nature Park “Pfaelzer Wald”, the Nibelungen Museum, the Dome of Worms, and the Imperial Dome in Speyer are important artifacts of German history. 

In Saxony, Sachsen, one will find the “Elbe River Florence”, (Elbflorenz) city of Dresden.  Its breath-taking sights of the Semper Opera, the “Zwinger”, the bridge “Blaues Wunder” (Blue Wonder), and the bridge of Loschwitz are just a few to name.  In the city of Leipzig on the other hand, visitors will find the famous Gewandhaus (house of robes).  The city of Meissen, in which the first porcelain of Europe was manufactures is also well worth a visit.

Sachsen-Anhalt is the homeland of German history.  The state capital of Magdeburg offers the world famous Magdeburg Dome; and the UNESCO heritage site of Dessau features the “Bauhaus”, the built structure.  Medieval Quedlinburg, with architecturally counts as a World Historic Heritage site, features much more than just the timber framed houses and a “Holzwurmmuseum”, a wood worm museum. 

While Schleswig-Holstein with its many sea resorts on the North and East Seas offers perfect beach vacations, Thüringen is famous for its cultural sites.  Being the home of Martin Luther, Johann Sebastian Bach, Friedrich Schiller, and Wolfgang Goethe, it offers aside from Goethe’s Garden house and Schiller’s house in Weimar (an UNESCO heritage site) the world famous Wartburg and Bach’s house in Eisenach, as well as the oldest and largest city of Thüringen: Erfurt (first mentioned historically in the year 742).

Aside of this selection of attractions within a few of Germany’s states, one should mention the high and low mountain ranges of the country:  the Alps, Harz, Bayrischer Wald, Schwaebische Alb).  Summer or winter, they offer fantastic leisure time activities for sport and relaxation.

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