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Germany Attractions

4.0 stars
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Dachau concentration camp 5.0 stars
At about 1 hour from Munich you will find the village of Dachau. Surely you know this infamous place due to the first concentration camp located here during the Nazi time. It worked somehow as a precursor for what followed in larger scale – in a ... [more ]
Neuschwanstein 4.0 stars
Actually, I am a tour guide that takes people to Neuschwanstein at least once every week, so I’m a little biased, but even after going to Neuschwanstein a couple hundred times, it’s still a wonderful day trip from Munich. A few quick tips: 1. ... [more ]
Heidelberg Castle 5.0 stars
If you are taking a trip to Heidelberg, Germany then you will be absolutely amazed at the castle that is there. One of the really neat things about the castle is that it has stairs that start out right in the city and go all the way up to it. ... [more ]
Potsdamer Platz 4.0 stars
Potsdamer platz was where “The Wall Live in Berlin” was filmed. Assuming you are not a Pink Floyd or Roger Waters fan, try to imagine that before world war II this square was one of the busiest squares in Berlin, after the war this square was ... [more ]
Englischer Garten 4.0 stars
Englischer garden has something for most people. If you want to play football or any other ballgame to to the north of the park where there are plenty of possibilities to join in or play yourself. If you want to have a beer go to the Chinesischer ... [more ]
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church 4.0 stars
When people ask me what the one sight I have seen on my travels that sticks in my memory my answer is, "the church that you can see in Berlin that was bombed during the war and is still standing with massive holes through it," is usually the ... [more ]
Brandenburg Gate 4.0 stars
The Brandenburg Gate (Tor) is one of those tourist attractions that is really a must-see in Berlin, sort of like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It's one of those symbols of the city, and also a great spot for photos. However, no matter what you're ... [more ]
Cologne Cathedral (Dome of Cologne) 4.0 stars
The cathedral in Cologne is the worlds second tallest church only surpassed by the single spire of the Ulm cathedral. The cathedral is really an impressive sight, it is absolutely huge and gives you a jawdropping experience if you arrive by ... [more ]
Gemäldegalerie 5.0 stars
For those art lovers who appreciate Late Gothic and Renaissance painting this is a must see. Perhaps the best kept secret on the Continent, the collection that is on display here is staggering. Walk through endless rooms in a new building that ... [more ]
Reeperbahn 4.0 stars
The Reeperbahn is probably the most famous street in Hamburg. Close to the harbor you will find a large selection of adult entertainment and boutiques here, but also some fantastic theaters, night clubs, and cabarets. The further along you go, ... [more ]
Mercedes-Benz-Museum Stuttgart 4.0 stars
Mercerdes Benz Car models in all times. It was quite an experience reviewing the history of engine, car evolution and Germany history in all eras. Not only the museum is neatly composed with 4 different theme layout With the latest Hi-tech audio ... [more ]
Frankfurt Hahn Airport 3.0 stars
Frankfurt Hahn Airport and Ryan Air flights, ahhh what a love-hate relationship I have with thee. On the one hand it is usually fairly easy to pick up a great deal cost-wise from, on the other hand the airport is close to two ... [more ]
Reichstag 4.0 stars
The Reichstag (the German parliament building) has one of the best views in town. We were given the tip that if you go at night the lines are short and you can get right in, and also it is beautiful to see Berlin at night from up there. It is ... [more ]
Pergamon Museum 4.0 stars
The best starting point on Museumsinsel is the Pergamonmuseum. Started in 1910 and completed in 1930, the Pergamonmuseum encompasses the history of Berlin from pre-World War I and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, through the mass ... [more ]
TV Tower 4.0 stars
I'm not normally one for going up towers just to see the view - it seems like there are better things to spend one's money on. But the TV Tower in Berlin, at about 10 Euro, was well worth the money. We didn't go to the restaurant, but we did ... [more ]
Deutsches Museum 4.0 stars
For Technology and Science geeks such as myself, the Deutsches Museum in Munich has got to be the holy grail of all that is wonderful about technology. Having studied Astronomy and Science Communication, it was only natural for me to head to ... [more ]
Frankfurt Airport (Fraport) 4.0 stars
Frankfurt International Airport is, in my opinion, one of the easier airports to navigate around. Even if you find yourself at the wrong terminal it is just a quick ride to the next, and it is easy enough to swing between the two and see other ... [more ]
Worms Cathedral 5.0 stars
The wonderful cathedral in this nice and old German town is one of the nicest cathedrals that I have seen in Germany...and I have seen most of them. It was built very early and is probably the nicest Romanesque cathedral, although for me Speyer ... [more ]
Berlin Wall Memorial Site 4.0 stars
The wall that once ran around West Berlin to prevent those from East Germany escaping was a little disappointing when I first saw it! I really expected something the size of the Great Wall of China - well maybe not that big, but bigger that what ... [more ]
Aula Carolina 4.0 stars
If you like German white wine like me, please try Boetzinger wine. Boetzinger is an area in Freiburg and the Boetzinger wine is considered as the oldest viticulture community in Badens. When I tried the Boetzinger wine at the wine fair in Aachen, ... [more ]
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