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Germany Bars

4.0 stars

Germany bar reviews from insiders

Nachrichtentreff 4.0 stars
Café in Darmstadt
If you walk a bit further from the first Nachrichten Cafe and turn right, you will see a pretty big restaurant, also called Nachrichten Cafe. This place is bigger and very differently decorated from the other Nachrichten Cafe. The whole furniture ... [more ]
Mathilde 5.0 stars
Bar in Hamburg
“Mathildes Literaturcafé” is a coffee place where I feel home. You can relax on sofas and there are books everywhere. At the end I bought five books for eight Euros. So it is almost a book store but yet so much more. You can even read old ... [more ]
Café Glockenspiel 4.0 stars
Café in Munich
Café Glockenspiel is probably the place to go if you are a tourist and craving for coffee and cakes after a long day of sightseeing in Munich. It is located on the 5th floor of a building overlooking the gorgeous and famous Marienplatz, right in ... [more ]
Coffee Fellows 5.0 stars
Café in Trier
Honestly, we found Coffee Fellow by accident. It was snowing terribly and we needed a place to hide from the snow. Suddenly, there was a nice coffee shop in front of us. It is located at 19 Simonstrasse, Trier 54290 with the slogan “Feel at ... [more ]
Beach Bar 5.0 stars
Bar in Worms
This is the best bar in the city, it is right on the shore of the river and it is set as a real beach bar, with soft sand, beach chairs, torches and a relaxing atmosphere. The bar is a little hard to locate, especially when you are not from the ... [more ]
Little Portugal 4.0 stars
Café in Hamburg
A friend of mine lives in the center of Little Portugal close to the harbor. Therefore, I am here quite often and fell in love with the area. Entering a coffee place you cannot only get the best galao and croissants but everything is covered in a ... [more ]
Giancarlo 4.0 stars
Café in Weimar
My mom is in love with cakes and Italian ice cream, so she was very excited when we went to have a coffee at the Giancarlo restaurant. The place actually sells almost only sweets and desserts, so I'd better not call it a restaurant. Anyway, their ... [more ]
St. Oberholz 4.0 stars
Café in Berlin
St Oberholz offers a free wireless internet connection in an atmosphere that screams Berlin. The food and drinks are overpriced and the muffins taste like rubber. Although the internet connection is the full four rungs on your Mac because about ... [more ]
Würgeengel 4.0 stars
Bar in Berlin
This bar is so lovely. I really hate dirty, sleazy drinking holes - I want a nice, comfortable place to have a cocktail, with a great atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. The decor in this place is fantastic, very dark and luxurious, and the ... [more ]
Panorama Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Berlin
This is a really cool club located near the East Main Train station at the Wriezener Bahnhof. Every week they get some of the best electronic artists to play some of the newest music. Come on Saturday and Sunday and the place is completely open ... [more ]
Irish Pub of Worms 4.0 stars
Bar in Worms
The Irish Pub of Worms lies near the river. It is a very small Irish Pub, but it has the typical furnishings and decorations. The owner is german, but he also speaks english and is really friendly. They serve great food and drinks, for reasonable ... [more ]
Lennet Kann 4.0 stars
Bar in Aachen
In Aachen, there is a bar that gives you free salsa dance course. In return, you just need to buy a drink and then they will teach you salsa dance. What an amazing exchange! Lennet Kann is the name of the bar, which is located in the Zentrum ... [more ]
Café Aqui 4.0 stars
Café in Worms
Aqui is probably one of the most popular bars in Worms, the service is not the best, but the location is. This was the first bar I visited in Worms and as I came with many people I had a great time. I have been there several more times and I ... [more ]
Kilians Irish Pub 4.0 stars
Bar in Munich
Kilians is a pretty cool venue to go and hear a tacky band, drink a couple of beers and chat to some locals. Unlike plenty of other Irish pubs I've been to Kilians wasn't just for ex-pats and Aussie backpackers. There was a really international ... [more ]
Café Extrablatt 4.0 stars
Café in Aachen
I’ve been to Café Extrablatt a couple times. I personally don't mind the level of the volume there. It makes me feel homier. Bruch is my favorite thing at Café Extrablatt. It costs around 12.50 Euro per person and it is all you can eat with one ... [more ]
Hard Rock Café 4.0 stars
Bar in Berlin
The Hard Rock Café Berlin was pretty standard fare as far as I’m concerned. My girl friend and I have been to Hard Rock Café’s in several countries and many cities, but Berlin’s was honestly on the weak side from what I saw. Let’s start with ... [more ]
Ned Kelly's Australian Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Munich
Ned Kelly’s is an Australian bar right in the centre of Munich, just behind the famous Frauenkirche. They serve Fosters and real Aussie beers like Crown Lager and VB. The food is also good and the portions are good value for money. The menu ... [more ]
Pony Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Hamburg
The Pony Bar (Grindelhof) is a nice place to hang out at every time of the day. The breakfast is good and cheap. The waiters are friendly and easy going. They do not take things too seriously but that is exactly the charme of the place. It is ... [more ]
Ankerklause 5.0 stars
Bar in Berlin
trendy café, bistro, bar at „Paul Linke Ufer" In the evenings often party at the weekend, it is packed with locals, that want to party! Great atmosphere, cheap drinks and excellent partying guaranteed! [more ]
Omas Apotheke 5.0 stars
Bar in Hamburg
One of my favorite places in Hamburg to go out for good, affordable food and a few beers is Omas Apotheke in the Schanzenviertel. This homey bar/restaurant with the appearance of an old apothecary's shop offers tasty home-style meals and a good ... [more ]
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