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Germany Clubs

4.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Kingkamehameha 4.0 stars
Club in Frankfurt
King-ka's Beach club in Offenbach is an extremely chilled place to hang out. It closes at about 1pm, so don't expect to be staying for the long haul, but if you arrive before 6pm entry is often free. Sunbeds, couches, deck chairs, cocktails, cold ... [more ]
Club der Visionäre 5.0 stars
Club in Berlin
great club to hang out in the evenings, they mainly play electronic music, house or tecno. Right near the canal; people dance on platforms towed onto a platform lying in the canal. On the other side there is „Freischwimmer" a good place to have ... [more ]
Flex 4.0 stars
Club in Munich
Hidden down a back street with a solitary luminous sign saying flex on approaching this place you may be forgiven for thinking it‘s a gay gym or something . I assure you it‘s not and the first time I went in it was only to make sure that it ... [more ]
Badeschiff 4.0 stars
Club in Berlin
The "Badeshiff" - that means a swimming pool in the middle of the Spree. In the summer it is incredibly packed because this is the place where everybody is going. At least it seems like. There are DJs playing chill-out music. And you can relax on ... [more ]
Central Park 4.0 stars
Club in Hamburg
The Central Park is a beach club in the heart of the alternative naibourhood called Schanze. The entrance is at the end of the Max Brauer Allee. On a huge fenced area there are a lot of sitting possibilities. A part of the park has a roof for the ... [more ]
Cooky's 4.0 stars
Club in Frankfurt
Cooky's is a pretty cool club to hang out in. Unfortunately it is also generally the last stop for many, as it is open so late. After everything else closes people tend to head to Cooky's and as a result the crowd is usually pretty drunk and ... [more ]
8mm Bar 5.0 stars
Club in Berlin
Any bar that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs visit when they're in Berlin is bound to be good... and it is! Situated at Schönhauser Allee 177b this bar is very easy to miss, look for the 'no dogs, no döner, no drinks' written in chalk just inside the door. ... [more ]
Matrix 3.0 stars
Club in Berlin
When I went to Matrix niteclub it was on a pub crawl and the place was packed. I didn't really stay that long because I like my nights out low key and prefer bars over clubs but if you have a hankering for a night full of dancing this is ... [more ]
Pantheon 5.0 stars
Club in Bonn
When I saw there was a 90's party in Bonn I got very excited - call me sad but I LOVE cheesy 90's music. This seems to be a regular night at the Pantheon (situated at Bundeskanzleplatz) and attracts a range of ages. Playing anything from the ... [more ]
El Barrio 5.0 stars
Club in Berlin
El Barrio was by far my favorite club in Berlin. Even if you have to pay for the entrance, the drinks are not that expensive. I loved the atmosphere in there. Everybody spoke spanish and you simply felt you were somewhere in South America. We ... [more ]
Bang Bang Club 5.0 stars
Club in Berlin
Bang Bang club is smack bang in the tourist area of Hackescher Markt - but enter and you'd never guess it. Right outside the S Bahnhof station is the entrance. It's normally 5 euro or 3 before 12am. If you like Indie, Britpop, 60s, Soul, Mod, ... [more ]
Kultfabrik 5.0 stars
Club in Munich
Kultfabrik is not just one club, its 26 clubs and bars spread out over a 10 000 squaremetre old industrial location. Whatever your taste is you will probably find it here! To get here take the S-Bahn or the U-Bahn to Ostbahnhof and walk towards ... [more ]
La Nuit 4.0 stars
Club in Hamburg
The La Nuit night club might easily be the most stylish new club in Hamburg. It´s just opened its doors and every single thing here is styled to the bone. Not a lamp is where it´s not supposed to be. It´s all white walls and big video screens, ... [more ]
16 Monkeys 4.0 stars
Club in Hamburg
I´m not usually one for expensive clubs, but this one´s pretty fun. 16 Monkeys is on Reeperbahn, so positioned perfectly for a long, extravagant night out. This club used to look completely different, now it´s literally flaming (they painted ... [more ]
Tanzpalast Elysee 3.0 stars
Club in Aachen
Tanzpalast (means dancing palace) Elysee was my first place to go when I first arrived in Aachen. I went there with my best friend and her husband. There was not a lot of people but still was fun, not boring at all. On the weekday, it looks ... [more ]
Schosskeller 3.0 stars
Club in Darmstadt
The Schlosskeller is a disco, mainly for students. I used to go there every Tuesday and Thursday, because that is when they play rock and some reggae. It’s open almost everyday and they play a wide variety of musical styles. Sometimes they have ... [more ]
Latino's Bar & Club 3.0 stars
Club in Munich
Latino's Bar & Club is a decent place if you are after a night out with dancing and decently cheap drinks. The coctails start at 5 euros and a bier at 3. The place is new and has a modern feel along with bartenders that do their job. Except for ... [more ]
Joker 3.0 stars
Club in Lingen
My boyfriend's parents live in Lingen so we spent Christmas there this year. He has told me a lot about Joker and the memories from this place he spent his teens and early twenties. It's the only niteclub in Lingen, so as you would imagine it's ... [more ]
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