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Karlsruhe city center

The city of Karlsruhe really amazed me - it definitely looks like it was built at once, with all buildings having the similar styles and all streets - going to the palace or in circles around it. The whole structure of the city center is strange, everything is centered about this palace. The palace (in German - Schloss, meaning castle, but I prefer to call it a palace) is a wonderful Baroque structure with many statues in front of it and a great park behind it.
Except from the Palace the city has not almost no other Tourist attractions to offer. The Pyramid on the market square is a symbol of the city. Karlsruhe has a nice tram system, that me and my friend used to travel around,... [more ]

Karlsruhe Palace

The palace in Karlsruhe is right in the center of karlsruhe. This is... [more ]

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1. Das Stövchen 4.0 stars
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Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
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