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Kathmandu Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Kathmandu vacation

Way from Kathmandu to Indian border 4 stars
After spending several days in Kathmandu I got tired from all this hustle and bustle of Thamel and decided to go back to India. The buses to Butwal, 30 kilometers from Indian border depart from Kathmandu New Bus Park every hour till 1PM. To get to the bus park from Thamel you have either take a taxi for 150 Rupees or walk 45 minutes. I paid for the bus ticket to Butwal 330 Rupees (locals pay 259 Rupees, so you may try your luck and bargain) and it took almost nine hours to get there. There are several cheap hotels directly near the bus station. Butwal itself is just a dusty small town, spend a night there and leave.


The pickpockets of Thamel 2 stars
Thamel – the biggest backpacking and tourist area in Kathmandu – is a maze-like world of shops, hotels, restaurants, stalls and people. It is a good place to find a guide if you fancy trekking, but there are lots of people out to scam you. I know it’s terrible, but I got used to the beggars surrounding me and grew custom to avoiding them. However, one day, as my friend was withdrawing money from an ATM and I was standing around waiting for her, a little boy came up to me holding a piece of paper that said he had no tongue so couldn’t speak. I shooed him away, but then turned around to see another boy stealing my purse as they both ran away together. I am not saying that all beggars try to pickpocket, but if you don’t want to lose your wallet, it’s best to avoid making eye contact with any of the street kids that pester you.


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