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Travel Infos Greece

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Greece - Travel Infos


Because of its location on the Mediterranean Sea a marked temperate climate prevails, varying only slightly throughout the country.

The summer draws out over several months with high temperatures (partially over 40° C, 104° F).  March and April offer ideal travel conditions for a nice summer vacations in most parts of Greece.

Athens, due to its surrounding mountain ranges, is hotter and dryer than other regions of the country. 

Because of the long summers, the winter months are short in most parts of the country.  The winter months are marked by extensive rain in the eastern and northern regions; in areas of higher elevation, freezing temperatures may be reached.


Purchase, possession, distribution, as well as import or export of narcotic drugs –even in small quantities “for personal use”- is punished harshly. 

Taking photographs of military installations and important civilian official facilities is prohibited due to fear of espionage.  Violations – even for citizens of European countries – are prosecuted.

Theft, deliberate or negligent damaging, illegal excavation and removal of archeological objects from their site may, depending on the severity of the act, be punished with imprisonment of several years. 

On some beaches, sea urchins are found.  Stepping on one will cause their spines to break and stick under the skin.  With tweezers and a needle these spines can be removed.  The skin may also be rubbed with olive oil – the spines will then “slide out” on their own by the next day.


Ferries traveling between the Greek isles are not subject to the internationally agreed security standards. Travelers should make an assessment of the safety state of the vessel before entry and get information on the safety and rescue features of the ferry. 

Travelers who have their own or a rental vehicle should adapt to local traffic rather that only trust on rules of priority and traffic signs.  Often priority is given to the faster or larger vehicle.

Pedestrian crossings are rarely observed. 

Use caution when driving in rain after a dry period:  the dust on the road turns to “soft soap” making roads extremely slick.  Another source of danger is the oil dripping from the older trucks traveling the roads.


Campfires should only be built with caution and far away from trees and dry plants.

Also, to avoid forest fires, smokers should restrain from throwing cigarette butts away without caution or place them down unattended. 

Campgrounds with high standards and inexpensive cost are found most anywhere.  Wild camping is often tolerated; however, should local residents see trash thrown away, or hedges used as toilets, they will not hesitate to involve the police or civil servants of the local and county law enforcements.

Generally, wild camping will result in fines of about 20-30 Euros (if no other infractions such as littering are being fined). 

Nowadays it is customary on most beaches to bathe topless.  On busy beaches, swimming completely naked is frowned upon.  Isolated or Nudist beaches, for example on the coast of Epirus, may be visited for nude bathing.

Additional Information: 

Many things of value may be haggled over.  Even in private hotels and car rentals during off season, haggling may save money.

Small note:  If the seller/host turns away after an offer and follows other activity or even walks away, this was their last offer and a lower price cannot be negotiated.

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