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Travel Guide Greece

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Greece - Travel Guide

If you would like to see all of the sights in Greece, you have two options:  Either you move there completely, or you travel to the land of myths several times.  Because sights are as common in the land of Heroes and Gods as churches are in other countries.

As if the cultural diversity wasn’t already over powering, Greece offers an unbelievable abundance of gorgeous scenery.  In that, every Greek region, island, and city has favored and taken on a different form of tourism, anxiously ensuring that all required standards are met continuously. 

So what exactly is it that a traveler in Greece should see?

There are the Greek Isles that have one thing in common:  fantastic beaches with steel blue ocean and a pulsating night life, for example on the island group of the Cyclades, which are easily reached by ferry from Athens. 

Corfu offers, among other sights, the Château Achillon, where the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Hungary already sought recuperation.  In Rhodos, one must visit the mighty Grand Master Palace, towering over the houses of the historic city.  The daunting castle served the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem during medieval times for 200 years as a staging area in their religious crusade against the Ottomans.

Once upon a time, Crete and its Arcadian Monastery (a national treasure today) was site of the rebellions against the Ottoman Empire.  The fact that many island residents, amongst them women and children, lost their lives here stands is gross contrast to the playful decorations from the baroque phase of restoration which makes the monastery especially eye-catching. 

The Gorge of Vikos in north-western Epirus is not only the most impressive gorge of Greece; with its 600-1000 meters depth it is also the deepest gorge in the world.  Hiking through it takes about 7 hours, and is definitely a great summer time challenge.

Athens is a gathering point for those following the tracks of European culture.  Countless museums and archaeological excavation sites make it more difficult to plan travels.  A definite must-see is the Archaeological National Museum, offering a hike through 5000 years of art history. 

Those who prefer to travel the tracks of history under blue skies should pay a visit to the legendary Acropolis.  Its four temples on a cliff high above the historic city of Athens have maintained the glory of Greece’s antique glamour and give an insight to the splendor of the ancient world.

And who hasn’t heard of the Oracle of Delphi?  Of course it can not be asked for advice nowadays, but one can visit the historic site and the small adjacent archaeological museum. 

Epidaurus offers the best preserved amphitheatre of Greece.  It still shows historic dramas and comedies regularly to this day.  In Olympia, travelers may follow the tracks of the first competitive athletes.  This lovely scenery hosted the Olympic Games for more than 1000 years.  A sprinting competition in the historic stadium should be a special treat for sport enthusiastic tourists. 

Men only” is the rule in the monasteries on Mount Athos.  Men are allowed only with a special “visa”.  The autonomic monk republic has been home to 20 Greek-Orthodox monasteries for centuries.

Travelers seeking sportive challenges aside from beaches and culture are offered rafting, golfing, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding amongst other outdoor activities.  Untouched nature, one of a kind sceneries, monasteries, old shepherd trails, and 17 winter sport regions, for example Menalon/Tripoli and Chelmos/Kalavrita, offer unimaginable opportunities to discover the country while relaxing and recuperating.

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