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Greece Hotels

3.0 stars

Greece hotel reviews from travelers

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Balcony Hotel 5.0 stars
Hotel in Bókhali
Hotel Class: 2.0 stars
Last August, I organised my vacation to the beautiful island of Zante (Zakynhtos)! The island has extremely beautiful attractions for all tastes! I stayed at ... [more ]
Rooms from
$ 83.00
Kos Hotel 4.0 stars
B&B in Kos in Kos
The manager of the hotel in question seemed a little concerned to admit that there might be a room available. Maybe he was suspicious that I worked for the tour ... [more ]
Korifi Suites and Apartments 3.0 stars
Hotel in Heraklion (Iraklion)
Hotel Class: 3.0 stars
Wir waren mit diesem Hotel in Hersonissos sehr zufrieden. Wir fahren zwei mal im Jahr für ein paar Tage nach Kreta und haben noch nie so gut gewohnt. Da kann auch ... [more ]
Alsos House 5.0 stars
Vacation Home in Kastrákion
Hotel Class: 3.0 stars
Meteora is one of the most amazing places I ever visited – due to its combination of natural landscapes and monasteries built on top of surreal rocks. If visiting ... [more ]
Rooms from
$ 55.00
Hotel Avra 5.0 stars
Hotel in Thessaloniki
Hotel Class: 2.0 stars
Hotel Avra stays in the suburb of Perea, at about 10 minutes drive from Thessalonica’s airport – and about 30 minutes driving from Thessalonica city itself. It is ... [more ]
Rooms from
$ 50.00
Hotel Apollo Beach 5.0 stars
Hotel in Rozaíika
The Dream Hotel in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 15 was definitely quite a dream for me. I had a nice stay in this small boutique hotel that has followed a strong trend in ... [more ]
Kos Hotels 4.0 stars
Hotel in Kos
After around 2 hours walking my bags felt like lead weights and I decided to return to the beach to have a rest. I could see large numbers of revelers enjoying the ... [more ]
Hotel Solemar 4.0 stars
Hotel in Rhodes (city)
A few years ago I decided to sped a week in the beautiful and very attractive island of Rhodes. I stayed at Solemar hotel in Ixia. Ixia is a modern tourist resort at ... [more ]
Skiathos Palace Hotel 3.0 stars
Hotel in Skíathos
Hotel Class: 5.0 stars
Skiathos Palace Hotel is a hotel that I have stayed at. They class themselves as 5 star, but most holiday companies class it is a 4 star. In my opinion, I would say ... [more ]
Rooms from
$ 111.00
Sofia Village 3.0 stars
Hotel in Mykonos
One of the hotels I stayed at the island of Mykonos is "Sofia village". It is a small, comfortable hotel, built with special care, offering a pleasant stay and ... [more ]
Rooms from
$ 69.00
Hotel Belvidere, Paleo, Cofu 3.0 stars
Hotel in Kérkyra (Corfu City)
We had a meal here, overlooking the bay on one side and the pool on the other. It is a lovely place to look at. We waited for quite a while to be served and the food ... [more ]
Della Hotel 1.0 stars
Hotel in Párga
Della is a small and personal family owned hotel about 700 metres from the centre of the town Parga. I loved it here. In the morning, we sat in Della’s own garden and ... [more ]
Hotel Elektra 1.0 stars
Hotel in Thásos
Hotel Elektra in Skala Prinos is one of the worst places to stay once you go to Thassos. It is said that it has a beautiful pool and big clean rooms with a nice sea ... [more ]
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