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Greece Attractions

3.0 stars
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Olympia (sanctuary) 4.0 stars
The trip to Olympia was great from all points of view. As you might expect, it was very crowded with tourists, but my friends and I really enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t see many of those people that try to sell you things you don’t need or service ... [more ]
Meteora 5.0 stars
When the Ottoman Army invaded Greece and stayed for a few centuries, at some point monks found refuge in the rocky cliff mountains of Meteora. These very inaccessible areas thus provided them shelter to keep their faith going on – at the same ... [more ]
Acropolis of Athens 5.0 stars
You can't go to Athens without visiting the Acropolis. I know it's the most well know tourist destination in Athens, but in my opinion, it's definitely worth a visit. I'm no architectural expert, but even I can appreciate what a momunental ... [more ]
Parthenon 4.0 stars
The Parthenon is probably the best known and most popular of the Acropolis' monuments and, for this reason, it is always very busy in high season, but I think that it's really worth the wait. Apparently this would have been an extremely difficult ... [more ]
Roman Agora 4.0 stars
The Ancient Agora is located below the Acropolis at the edge of Monastiraki. (Entrance is on Adrianou, near Ayiou Philippou Sq., east of Monastiraki Sq. and on Ayiou Apostoli, the road leading down into Plaka from the Acropolis.) This is a nice ... [more ]
White Tower 4.0 stars
The White tower is the main landmark of the Greek city of Thessaloniki. It is a big 33 meters high tower built of sandstone blocks next to the sea coast which served as the main tower of the old city defense and was built around the 15-th ... [more ]
Kavala Castle 5.0 stars
As I reached the harbor, I took a stroll and found myself in front of an ancient monument. Right above the harbor, in the place of the old acropolis was the Kavala Castle or the Byzantine Castle. Mehmet Ali was born here and the house is inside ... [more ]
Rotonda 4.0 stars
The Rotunda of St George is one of the most important Byzantine monuments in the city of Thessaloniki. It has an amazing cupola, probably one of the greatest I have ever seen and surely the oldest - it was built in the 4-th century by the Roman ... [more ]
Aghios Dimitrios church 4.0 stars
Agios Dimitrios (St Dimitrios) is one of the oldest and best preserved churches in Thessaloniki from the Byzantine period, built in the 7-th century. It is unimaginably well preserved, especially if you consider the fact that in the centuries ... [more ]
Port Piraeus 3.0 stars
My friends and I just ate out once in Piraeus and unfortunately it was a pretty unpleasant experience.After a day trip ashore, visiting an close island we came back to the port extremely hungry. Not having a lot of time at our disposal, we ... [more ]
Aquarium 3.0 stars
Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get this totally incorrect location for Aquaworld Aquarium changed? It is obvious from the one review of my aquarium here on Cosmotourist that such a drastic error (some 30km) can cause disappointment and ... [more ]
National Archaeological Museum of Athens 5.0 stars
The first thing you will notice about the Archaeological Museum is the building in which it is housed- I belive it's neoclassical and it's certainly very splendid. I love the Greek mythology and the story of Ancient Greece so this was right ... [more ]
Knossos 4.0 stars
In my opinion it is best to visit the ancient temple complex of Knosses with a tour guide. Because the temples are very old, at many places you can only guess what the buildings must have looked like, because they are not standing anymore. Our ... [more ]
Temple of Hephaestus 5.0 stars
Make sure you don’t miss the Temple of Hephaestus while visiting Agora. I found it to be the best preserved part of the site and it holds great importance for the ancient Greek, as it was dedicated to Athena and Hephaestus. The temple is lovely ... [more ]
Daphni Monastery 4.0 stars
I am really happy I didn’t listen to my friends that were telling me not to go and see the Daphni Monastery because it was not one of the main attractions of Athens. But I;m glad I took the time to go there. The monastery that still stands dates ... [more ]
Monastiraki 4.0 stars
Monastiraki is another important and very visited area of Athens. Like Plaka, this area is mostly used for shopping. The Monastiraki is actually famous for its huge flea market. We were really lucky to be there on a Sunday, so we practically ... [more ]
Theatre of Dionysus 4.0 stars
A very important construction in the Acropolis is the theatre of Dionysos. The theatre was built together with the Acropolis about 2400 years ago and is really beautiful. The shape of the construction is kind of strange, but I couldn't’t say why. ... [more ]
Changing of the guards at the Athens government building 4.0 stars
During a sight-seeing tour by bus through Athens, we stopped at the government building. The orange colored building is surrounded by a small garden with some flowers. You should stay there to watch the change of guards. Depending on how warm it ... [more ]
Museum of Archaeology 4.0 stars
While in Heraklion, you must visit the Museum of Archaeology. It is rather small, but contains a lot of information about the Minoan period. So if you’re interested in visiting the impressive castle of Knossos, make sure you also visit this ... [more ]
Wine cellars of Achaia Clauss 4.0 stars
A very interesting and somehow unusual tourist attraction in Patras is the wine cellar of Achaia Clauss. I had never heard about this wine before, but they say it is really famous all over the world. The cella is more than 100 years old and ... [more ]
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