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Ain´t no Starbucks

Kiel, not being the most cosmopolitan place on earth, has a distinct lack of the famous coffee house chain. That doesn´t mean you have to miss out on your daily cup of joe. The Campus Lounge is a great alternative to Starbucks and (contrary to the original) very affordable. A large coffee latté is €2, they have freshly pressed juices, a large selection of delicious sandwiches, bagles and Moroccon cous-cous. My favorite: the cous-cous bagle and the milk rice (sorta like rice pudding, only tasty). The interior is pretty much standard coffee shop, so is the background music. There´s several shops all over town, most of them on university campus (Westring; bus 61/62, 81/82). [more ]


Kiel is located in the North of Germany and because of its close connection... [more ]

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1. Altenholz Lighthouse 3.0 stars
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1. Sultan Döner 4.0 stars
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