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Kansas Attractions

4.0 stars
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Aggieville 5.0 stars
Manhattan, Kansas is home to Kansas State University. As a university town, there is a lively entertainment district. Aggieville is the place for to go in Manhattan for a night out or some unique shopping and dining. It’s a small neighborhood ... [more ]
Boot Hill Museum 4.0 stars
Back in the 1800's, Dodge City was part of the Wild, Wild West. The phrase "Get out of Dodge" came from Dodge City. It was place where the baddest of the bad came together and there was little for the lawmakers to do about it. There were shoot ... [more ]
Mariana Kistler Beach Museum of Art 5.0 stars
The Mariana Kistler Beach Museum of Art is on the K-State campus near McCain Auditorium and right off Anderson Avenue. It’s a modern museum with a great permanent collection as well as rotating temporary exhibits. The focus is on local Kansas ... [more ]
Sunset Zoo 5.0 stars
Manhattan Sunset Zoo is a great little zoo on the west side of Manhattan. It’s open 360 days a year and has some great exhibits. It is arranged by geographical region – there is the African Forest Trail with monkeys and cheetahs; the Australian ... [more ]
Big Brutus 5.0 stars
Big Brutus is the world's second largest electric shovel. It was used to mine coal in the area in the mid-1900's. It's 16 stories tall and weighs 11 million pounds. It's an incredible and imposing structure. Self-guided tours are available of ... [more ]
Hale Library 5.0 stars
Hale Library is the main library on the Kansas State University campus. It’s in the heart of the campus and is a beautiful limestone building. You don’t need to be a student to go in, but you do have to have a student ID to check out books and ... [more ]
Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium 5.0 stars
Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium is where the Kansas State Wildcats play American football. In recent years, Kansas State University has been a powerhouse football team and the team is well known throughout the region. Games at the stadium ... [more ]
Konza Prairie 5.0 stars
Konza Prairie is a part of ongoing conservation and research on the tall grass prairie done by Kansas State University along with visiting scientists and researchers. It is one of the world’s largest protected areas of natural tall grass ... [more ]
Kanopolis State Park 5.0 stars
Kanopolis State Park is Kansas’ oldest state park. It is a protected area around Kanopolis lake, about half an hour drive from Salina. It is situated in the smoky hills region of Kansas and I love to watch the sun rise and set over the hills at ... [more ]
Pillsbury Crossing 5.0 stars
Pillsbury Crossing is near Zeandale, Kansas and only about 20 minutes from Manhattan, Kansas. If you are on I-70, take exit 316 to Deep Creek Road. Then drive north for about 5 miles to Pillsbury Crossing Road. Follow that road east for about ... [more ]
Exploration Place 5.0 stars
Exploration Place in Wichita is a fantastic place for families. There are loads of different exhibits and activities. They have a medieval castle, a park, mini-golf, displays on aviation and flight, history of Kansas and rotating temporary ... [more ]
Ten Thousand Villages 5.0 stars
Ten Thousand Villages on North Main Street is a delightful little store that sells art, handicrafts, jewelry, home furnishings, toys, stationery, and more from around the world. There are drums from Africa and handbags from Asia. Everywhere ... [more ]
Oakdale Park 5.0 stars
Oakdale Park is a lovely park in the center of Salina; it’s built along the Smoky Hill River. It has a number of picnic areas and playground areas, so it’s ideal for families or groups. There are also some great shade trees, so if you are ... [more ]
Mushroom Rock State Park 5.0 stars
Located south of major highway I-70 or near Avenue K off of Hwy 141 are five acres of random geological features that make up Mushroom Rock State Park. Get directions from the park office in the small town of Marquette, Kansas. You will have to ... [more ]
Kansas Underground Salt Museum 5.0 stars
Kansas Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson, Kansas is a working salt mine and a museum. Recently opened, visitors travel 650 feet below ground to tour the mine. You see exhibits on the history of the mine. Part of the mine is used for ... [more ]
Alma Creamery 5.0 stars
Alma is known for its cheese; the cheese is made in Alma at the Alma Creamery. Everything is done there, including the raising and the milking of the cows. The Alma Creamery is just three miles south of I-70 on Highway 99; use exit 328. The ... [more ]
Hutchinson Zoo 5.0 stars
Carey Park is home to the Hutchinson Zoo. The Hutchinson Zoo is home to a variety of animals native to Kansas - bison, pronghorn, bobcats, porcupine, coyote, golden eagle and more. There is a petting zoo section with goats and other ... [more ]
Dillon Nature Center 5.0 stars
On the east edge of town, Dillon Nature Center provides Hutchinson's residents and visitors a place to relax, fish, hike, picnic and learn about the wildlife of Kansas. There are two ponds, though only one is available for fishing - the one next ... [more ]
Milford Lake State Park 5.0 stars
Milford Lake State Park is the Kansas' largest reservoir. It's a couple of miles outside of Junction City; it's hard to get to without a car. You can boat, fish, camp, hike, hunt and picnic in the area. To fish, you have to have a Kansas ... [more ]
Hedrick's Exotic Animal Farm 5.0 stars
Kansas is not the place where one would expect to see zebras and ostriches, but if you head to Hedrick's Exotic Animal Farm, you will see these animals and more! There is a petting zoo area and you can also feed many of the animals. There ... [more ]
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