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California Restaurants

5.0 stars

Top Restaurants in California

Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café 4.0 stars
French, Restaurant in Berkeley
Chez Panisse is not only one of the most famous restaurants in the Slow Foods movement, it is also one of the most famous restaurants in California and the United States. Alice Water's flagship restaurant for what has become a dynasty opened in ... [more ]
ChaChaCha 5.0 stars
South American, Restaurant in West Hollywood
ChaChaCha is a great restaurant located in either Silverlake or West Hollywood that serves up contemporary Caribbean cuisine. This is an ideal place to come for breakfast, brunch, lunch and, of course, dinner. They serve fresh fruit, yoghurt, ... [more ]
Houston's Restaurant 5.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in Century City
Personally, I think Houston's Restaurant has it all. This is the perfect spot to take a date, a business client or even to meet friends at. There are numerous locations around the United States, ranging from Long Island to Los Angeles, making ... [more ]
A.O.C. 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Los Angeles
A.O.C., located at 8022 W 3rd St. in Los Angeles, California, features a clean, spare aesthetic that still manages to appear as quite cozy and inviting. This wine bar and bistro has been rapidly gaining popularity for its succulent small plates ... [more ]
Urasawa 5.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Beverly Hills
Urasawa is considered the most expensive sushi restaurant in LA. At $300/person excluding drinks or tip, chef Urasawa specially individualizes each experience for the scant number of patrons who fit at the pale wood counter and the two adjoining ... [more ]
Il Capriccio 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Los Angeles
Il Capriccio on Vermont is a casual Italian eatery that serves some of the more well-known, traditional, homemade dishes, including lasagna, rigatoni and much, much more. Be sure to start out your meal with one of their fresh Caesar salads, ... [more ]
Gregoire 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Oakland
Don't let the poorly designed website fool you; Gregoire is a rather chic restaurant that's easy on the eyes if not on the wallet. With locations in both Oakland and Berkeley, you also have options in case one is booked up. However, my ... [more ]
Café Rouge 4.0 stars
French, Restaurant in Berkeley
When it comes to Cafe Rouge, eat at the bar. A mainstay at 1782 4th Street, Cafe Rouge has amazing food and amazing atmosphere (think one of those French bistros that does all of its shopping at local farmer's markets or in Les Halles), however ... [more ]
Rivoli 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Berkeley
The similarities between Rivoli (1539 Solano Ave) and Eccolo (1820 Fourth Street) are pretty striking: both feature light, warm yellows, garden settings, Italian cuisine, and high prices. Were their menus not vastly different, I would even ... [more ]
Philippe the Original 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Los Angeles
Philippe the Original is an all-American restaurant that is located at 1001 North Alameda Street in Los Angeles, California, near the famous Dodger Stadium, therefore it's a popular eatery (if not a landmark) that has established quite a name for ... [more ]
Off Vine 4.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in Hollywood
Off Vine is a cheery little yellow Arts and Crafts cottage located in Hollywood, California, that is just beaming with pride, despite its size. I'll admit, it IS cute. Their front door is made of heavy oak to match the cottage-style of the ... [more ]
Oliveto Cafe & Restaurant 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Oakland
Oliveto Cafe and Restaurant is a prime hotspot of Oakland, California, located in the Market Hall at 5655 College Avenue. Expect to find prime Italian dishes available here such as pizzas, grilled seafood, roasted game, pasta dishes galore, ... [more ]
Casa Bianca Pizza Pie 3.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Los Angeles
Located at 1650 Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock, California, there's a nifty restaurant that everyone knows as Casa Bianca. The place has become a local legend over its lifetime of over five decades, known for its old-fashioned pizza pies that ... [more ]
Lotería! Grill 3.0 stars
Mexican, Restaurant in Los Angeles
Lotería! Grill is another one of those Mexican restaurants whose cuisine has been infused with Latin American traits, therefore you should expect your old Mexican favourites, yes, but with a bit of a twist... and not a bad twist, surprisingly ... [more ]
The Stinking Rose 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in San Francisco
Garlic, garlic, garlic, and more garlic. This is (naturally) another locale in the Italian North Beach district of San Francisco and the smell of garlic will lead you straight to the doors of The Stinking Rose. While the Italian and other food ... [more ]
Lychee Garden 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in San Francisco
The restaurant is located in Chinatown on Powell Street, not far from Fisherman’s Wharf. When we decided to go there, we were a bit surprised, because only Chinese people were eating there, but they could provide us an English menu. The ... [more ]
Bistro Boudin 4.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in San Francisco
If you are taking a trip to beautiful San Francisco and want to find an excellent restaurant, than I have a great suggestion for you. Bistro Boudin is a restaurant in the Fisherman’s Wharf district that is most noted for having the best view of ... [more ]
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. 4.0 stars
Creole, Restaurant in Monterey
This Forrest Gump themed restaurant located at the historical Cannery Row was a lot of fun. On walking in, I noticed license plates on each table saying “Run Forrest Run”. The waiter instructed us that if you flip the license plate to “Stop ... [more ]
Boudin Bakery 4.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in San Francisco
You can’t go to San Francisco without enjoying some traditional San Francisco sourdough bread. If you are in the Fisherman’s Wharf area, the obvious choice is the Boudin Bakery for all your bread cravings. Boudin Bakery has been in San ... [more ]
Lori's Diner 4.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in San Francisco
Because we're not from north America, some things are really special for us. After changing money at Wells Fargo Bank (which we thought was only in Westerns), breakfast couldn't have been better at Lori's Diner. There's 5 branches in San ... [more ]
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