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California Attractions

5.0 stars
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Golden Gate Bridge 5.0 stars
Enjoy the park to the north where you can park your car and get out. You have a great view of San Francisco. Take the time to walk, at least part of the way, across the bridge. Golden Gate bridge - yet it is kind of red. Don't know why I ... [more ]
Death Valley 4.0 stars
Ok, ok, so a “castle” in the desert would be a bit far fetched and more like something out of a Stephen King novel. Instead, I discovered a very picturesque Mediterranean hacienda (mansion!) in the northern part of the park, which just happens to ... [more ]
Chinatown - San Francisco 4.0 stars
The shopping is great. Great culture pieces, but one store does have almost the same clothes as the next. I love the options for sizes, as I am fairly short. These clothes actually fit me. Parking is very expensive, so take public ... [more ]
Fisherman's Wharf 4.0 stars
When I visited San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, I did so not knowing what to expect. Never to be one that is overly impressed with shopping or restaurants, of which the Fisherman's Wharf had tons, I hoped more for what I call 'non-commercial' ... [more ]
Alcatraz 4.0 stars
I couldn’t have gone to San Francisco and not visit the Alcatraz. Everyone in my family that heard I was going to San Francisco told me the Alcatraz was one of the best places to visit there, so I decided to go. Most people say you need a whole ... [more ]
Universal Studios 4.0 stars
I must admit, I was a bit shocked about the entrance fee to Universal Studios, but at the end of the day, I knew it was worth every penny. After spending a few hours at the theme park, we went to take the studio tour. I was more excited about the ... [more ]
Disneyland 5.0 stars
Well, Disneyland needs no introduction. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it and many you have already visited it. I was really eager to get there the first day I got to Los Angeles, but unfortunately, I had to wait until the 5th day. It was worth the ... [more ]
Coit Tower 4.0 stars
I found it interesting that the Coit Tower was designed after the end of a fire hose. An affluent woman admired the firefighters so she had this built. Walk on the paths and you'll get a great view of the city of San Francisco. I did wonder ... [more ]
Asian Art Museum- San Francisco 4.0 stars
I probably would have skipped the Asian Arts Museum in SF if I hadn't been lucky enough to be there when it was free - which it is the first Sunday of every month - but I'm really glad I didn't. When I got there the queue to get in was miles ... [more ]
Ellen DeGeneres Show 5.0 stars
You can get tickets in advance up to about 2 weeks prior to the date you’re interested in. I recommend stalking her website…these tickets go fast. If you don’t have tickets, you can show up and wait in line in hopes that someone who does have ... [more ]
Yosemite 5.0 stars
The Yosemite National Park stays in central California – being reachable by car, e.g., from the city of Merced, some 4 hours driving from the San Francisco-Sacramento areas. It is an amazing place, with granite majestic vertical peaks, like El ... [more ]
Venice Beach 4.0 stars
On summer weekend nights, a crowd of people, made of performers, locals, tourists and listeners, gather at Venice Beach for a Drum Circle ceremony to welcome the sunset. As the noise grows and the night goes on, people start moving into free ... [more ]
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) 4.0 stars
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is one of the most innovative museums that contain modern art in the United States that I have visited. Not only could I explore the beauty and elegance of the modern art in person at the museum; I could ... [more ]
Santa Monica Pier 4.0 stars
If you always had a weakness for the circus or just want to broaden your horizons with a unique adventure, try trapeze classes at Santa Monica Pier. The Trapeze is located in the open-air environment of the Santa Monica Pier between the Pacific ... [more ]
San Diego Zoo 5.0 stars
This is one of the most famous zoos in the United States, and certainly it earns that reputation through the acquisition of many types of unusual animals and exhibits. We showed up first thing in the morning, which turned out to be a great idea ... [more ]
Emerald Bay 5.0 stars
Lake Tahoe is a beautiful large area with many scenic spots. It has many campgrounds and resorts along its margins, divided between California and Nevada. The waters of this giant lake are normally very cold – being also quite clean, and ... [more ]
Joshua Tree National Park 4.0 stars
Joshua Tree National Park, known as J-Tree to rock climbers, is a boulder-strewn landscape that is at all times harsh, dramatic and beautiful. A climber’s paradise once your fingertips develop the necessary calluses. The same roughness accounts ... [more ]
The Mission 5.0 stars
The Mission district is pretty much dominated by two never-ending roads - Mission and Valencia - and I can't decide which of them I prefer. Mission feels very Latin, with South American grocery stores and takeaways on practically every other ... [more ]
San Francisco Airport 4.0 stars
One feature of an airport that I am really attracted to, is whether or not it is accessible by public transportation. Not a fan of having to pay $15 to $40 for ground transportation to my hotel, I would much rather take a bus or subway ride for ... [more ]
San Francisco Zoo 4.0 stars
Many visitors enjoy going to the San Francisco zoo. It is a zoological park that is home to many wild and exotic animals from all parts of the world. At the San Francisco Zoo, guests can get up close and personal with each one of the animals. ... [more ]
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