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California Bars

5.0 stars

California bar reviews from insiders

Marmalade Cafe 5.0 stars
Café in Los Angeles
When you're given your menus here at Marmalade Cafe, expect nothing short of spectacular to be offered. There is an incredibly wide variety of offerings, so there's sure to be at least one sure thing for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. ... [more ]
The Bubble Lounge 5.0 stars
Bar in San Francisco
Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, the Bubble Lounge is the perfect mecca for champagne and sparkling wine aficionados. From the moment you walk in, the place radiates a very welcoming and friendly vibe. As the name reflects, it ... [more ]
Marmalade Cafe 4.0 stars
Café in El Segundo
When you're given your menus here at Marmalade Cafe, expect nothing short of spectacular to be offered. There is an incredibly wide variety of offerings, so there's sure to be at least one sure thing for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. ... [more ]
Bombay Cafe 4.0 stars
Café in Los Angeles
Bombay Cafe is a rather quaint, though average Indian restaurant that has become well-known for its array of fresh chutneys. Traditional Indian cuisine is served here, but many of the dishes have been spiced up a bit with the addition of even ... [more ]
Ben and Jerry 5.0 stars
Café in San Francisco
If have never heard of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream and are traveling to San Francisco, then you have a prime opportunity to find out about this great treat. Ben and Jerry’s is the most famous ice cream company in the whole United States. One of ... [more ]
Cafe Zack 5.0 stars
Café in Ventura
Cafe Zack is a delightfully pleasant restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and a wonderful American Continental menu that will have your mouth watering at the very thought of the food options served here. On the menu, expect to find a wide array ... [more ]
Corner Bakery Cafe 5.0 stars
Café in Tustin
Corner Bakery Cafe is an American chain of restaurants that are open all over the country. The ones I have visited are in Orange County and I love them. The cafe operates under the casual fast food mantra. Sticking to a much higher caliber of ... [more ]
La Brea Bakery 5.0 stars
Café in Los Angeles
La Brea Bakery is a culinary paradise of assorted breads, pastries, sweets, homemade granola and gourmet treats galore. It was actually the first and only bakery where you could buy real German pretzels when I moved to L.A. 11 years ago. When you ... [more ]
Busy Bee Cafe 5.0 stars
Café in Ventura
Located in Ventura, California, at 478 East Main Street, there's a cute little place known as the Busy Bee Cafe. At prices around just $9.00 per entree, folks just seem to flock to this place on the daily from when they open their doors at 7 am ... [more ]
Duffy's 5.0 stars
Bar in Chico
When I was feeling lonely, I would hop on over to Duffy's. This bar in Chico is the place where you go to catch up with friends over beer and classic rock music. Everyone here is super cool. I was introduced to Duffy's by my old college ... [more ]
Noah's New York Bagels 5.0 stars
Café in Ventura
Noah's New York Bagels, located in Ventura, California at the Ste D along 1413 S Victoria Avenue, boasts an incredibly authentic New York style from the interior right down to their delicious, chewy bagels, which have folks coming back for more, ... [more ]
Pinkberry 5.0 stars
Café in Irvine
Fat-free yogurt has definitely become the new fad. I don't know if it's a worldwide phenomenon or specific to southern California, either way, I've met my match! It's such a healthy and tasty alternative to artery-clogging cookies and other ... [more ]
Caffe 817 5.0 stars
Italian, Café in Oakland
Caffe 817 mixes traditional American and rustic Italian cuisine together to create a beautiful, well-stocked menu here at this trendy little downtown cafe, located at 817 Washington Street. On the menu, expect everything from gourmet ... [more ]
Cafe Pacifico 5.0 stars
Italian, Café in Ventura
Cafe Pacifico is an appealing hotel restaurant located at the Marriott Ventura Beach at 2055 Harbor Boulevard in Ventura, California, where patrons have a stunning view of the ocean to take in as they enjoy a blend of Californian and Mexican ... [more ]
Mama's Royal Cafe 5.0 stars
Café in Oakland
Ah, Mama's Royal Cafe, how I miss you. This charming little restaurant is a true diamond with a casual, coffee shop-style flair to its decor that just barely hints a bit of an Asian atmosphere mixed within. The menu, on the other hand, is ... [more ]
Bad Ass Coffee Company 5.0 stars
Café in Ventura
Ventura's own Bad Ass Coffee Company is, well, bad ass, in fact, despite the fact that the name originally came from the donkeys that used to work the Hawaiian hillsides. While there can be quite a line here, patrons wait patiently, though ... [more ]
Caffe Latte 5.0 stars
Café in West Los Angeles
Caffe Latte, located at 6245 Wilshire Blvd in West Los Angeles, California, is an incredibly hip spot that delights its customers by serving up hot, fresh poppyseed muffins and Wilshire's most delectible coffee. Most folks stop here for an ... [more ]
Latte 101 5.0 stars
Café in Ventura
Latte 101 is a fine, engaging cafe located in Ventura, California, at Ste C-11 at 5722 Telephone Road, that serves up fruit smoothies, iced mochas, espressos, exotic teas and more alongside sweet selections such as pastries, cookies, cakes, ... [more ]
Tommy Bahama Tropical Café 5.0 stars
Café in Newport Beach
Tommy Bahama Tropical Café is a cool little restaurant located in Newport Beach's Corona del Mar Plaza at 854 Avocado Avenue that serves up a spicy mixture of American and Jamaican fare. Expect to find some of the best chargrilled baby back ... [more ]
Café Fanny 5.0 stars
French, Café in Berkeley
Being the immature little individual that I am, I could help myself when I first heard the name of this country French restaurant: Café Fanny. The food served here is wonderfully elegant, yet simple enough to not send your taste buds into a fury. ... [more ]
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