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South Carolina Vacations, Tourism and Travel

3.0 stars

Travel Tips

There is a Barnes & Noble in Greer

If you are in the mood for some books and a cup of coffee, and you are in the south, don't worry. There is a Barnes and Noble in Greer where a large collection of books are available for you to browse and even read. If you have the time - and the gall - to read a book from cover to cover and leave the bookstore after (without buying anything), it is legal to do so. [more ]

Wade Hampton Hway

This highyway is as wide as wide can be. Also, crossing the streets of Greer... [more ]

Greer frost

It was my first time to experience frost. It was both like and unlike... [more ]

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Top Rated Attractions

1. Fire Museum & Education Center
5.0 stars
2. Fort Hill
5.0 stars
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South Carolina Clemson Campus Tillman Hall and Mr Clemson statue lake keowee barnes & noble View From Port
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