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Krabi Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Krabi and Chicken Island

Really Krabi is a very quiet place, with far fewer bars and night spots than nearby Phuket. The atmosphere is more laid back. Surprisingly to many the beaches are nice but not outstanding. So many visitors spend their time on the small islands off the coast where the beaches are superb and sun worshippers can spend the whole day imagining they are on their own deserted island. One of the short trips out around the islands can be arranged with one of the longtail boat men who wait for business on the beaches. Chicken Island is a favourite and I have to admit, the rocks do indeed look a bit like a chicken. My boat man was very keen to point this out to me when I took the trip. Costs are as... [more ]

Ao Nang

Ao Nang is in the center of the coastal province of the city of Krabi in... [more ]

Visiting Koh Lanta island

Every one raves about Koh Lanta so I had to go and see what everyone was... [more ]

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1. Greenspirit Festival 4.0 stars
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