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Travel guides to Africa

City in Northern Atlantic Coast and High Atlas, Morocco
Hotels in Marrakech | Attractions in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the most wonderful cities in the whole world and a real masterpiece of
the Islamic, Arabian and ...
City in Western Cape, South Africa
Hotels in Cape Town | Attractions in Cape Town

I have been an enthusiastic traveler ever since I was a kid and yet, whenever my friends
ask me to mention my most ...
City in Nairobi, Kenya
Hotels in Nairobi Region | Attractions in Nairobi Region

On a wildlife safari you are treated to a tailored itinerary that allows for discovery
African wildlife. It entails ...
City in Cairo and Nile Delta, Egypt
Hotels in Cairo | Attractions in Cairo

I had a very difficult time trying to find a left luggage office in a train station in
Cairo. My husband and I had to ...
City in Upper Nile Valley, Egypt
Hotels in Luxor | Attractions in Luxor

There are few things as pleasant as a sunset ride in a felucca on the Nile. Expect to pay
around 20 Egyptian pounds per ...
City in Middle Atlas and Pre Sahara, Morocco
Hotels in Fès | Attractions in Fès

The Old Medina in Fez is UNESCO World Heritage for many reasons. When you walk around the
narrow medieval streets, full ...
City in Zanzibar (Urban / West), Tanzania
Hotels in Zanzibar | Attractions in Zanzibar

Stone Town is eclectic. From the architecture, which ranges from Moorish crenellations to
island style lean-to’s, it has ...
City in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Hotels in Durban | Attractions in Durban

Here’s a perfect place for getting in touch with your African roots. If you’re looking
for a genuine experience of the ...
City in Arusha, Tanzania
Hotels in Arusha

==Industry and economy==
The primary industry of the region is agriculture, with large vegetable and flower
City in Red Sea and Eastern (Arab) Desert, Egypt
Hotels in Hurghada | Attractions in Hurghada

Hi all,
I would like to try kiteboarding in Hurghada. Do you have some experience with a provider
of this sport?
City in Western Cape, South Africa
Hotels in Stellenbosch | Attractions in Stellenbosch

We’re in the car, my daughters and I, on our way to Spier Estate. It’s a short enough
drive (about 45 minutes out of ...
City in Northern Atlantic Coast and High Atlas, Morocco
Hotels in Casablanca | Attractions in Casablanca

Casablanca, called in Arabian Dar el Bajda is a biggest metropolis in Morocco but a city
of only minor tourist interest. ...
City in North-West, South Africa
Hotels in Sun City | Attractions in Sun City

This is a strange place. An enclosed resort in the middle of nowhere, situated approx two
hours drive north-west from ...
City in Western, Gambia
Hotels in Kololi

We had decided to give the quad bikes a try for the sake of the kids and only after much
encouragement did my partner ...
City in Lagos, Nigeria

As always, please make sure you leave for the airport in good time! Upon arrival at the
airport be very very attentive ...
City in Western Cape, South Africa
Hotels in Knysna | Attractions in Knysna

I was not really into Quads as I found them pretty unsafe. The rain was pouring and I
really wanted to give up as the ...
City in Kampala, Uganda
Hotels in Kampala | Attractions in Kampala

Kampala has a diverse ethnic population, although the Baganda - the local ethnic group -
make up ...
City in Western, Gambia
Hotels in Bakau | Attractions in Bakau

Bakau is a town on the Atlantic Ocean coast of The Gambia, lying west of Banjul.
It is known for its botanical ...
City in Zanzibar North, Tanzania
City in Alexandria and Mediterranean Coast, Egypt
Attractions in Alexandria

If you are in Alex and you want to enjoy a terrific meal ask about "Balba' touristic
village" the name is a little funny ...
City in Southern Atlantic Coast of Marocco and Anti-Atlas, Morocco
Hotels in Agadir | Attractions in Agadir

Agadir Airport Transfer – Shared shuttle transfers.
Since July Matchtours a local company is providing shared transfers ...
City in Central, Kenya
Hotels in Thika

Thika Town is situated conveniently situated a mere 50 kilometers from Nairobi City. I
usually visit the town frequently ...
City in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Hotels in Dar es Salaam
City in Western Cape, South Africa
Attractions in Oudtshoorn

It was in Oudtshoorn that the farming of ostridges started gaining economically meaningful
proportions. Today the city is ...
City in Cairo and Nile Delta, Egypt
Attractions in Nazlat as Samman
City in Luanda, Angola
Hotels in Luanda


Firstly be sure to get to the airport early! Check-in normally opens about 4 hours before
City in Western Cape, South Africa
| Attractions in Hermanus

Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa

Hermanus is a delightfully pretty seaside town, only an hour and half from ...
City in Southern Tunesia and Sahara, Tunisia
Attractions in Douz

Douz or Dūz () is a town in central Tunisia, known as the "gateway to the
Sahara." In previous times it ...
City in Coast, Kenya
Hotels in Malindi

Malindi (once known as Melinde) is a town on Malindi Bay at the mouth of the
Galana River, lying on the ...
City in Cairo and Nile Delta, Egypt
Attractions in Saqqara

Saqqara, Dashur, and Memphis are all easily accessible in a single day trip from Cairo.
You can expect to pay about 70 ...
City in Rift Valley, Kenya
Hotels in Narok | Attractions in Narok

Narok is an old dusty town west of Nairobi in south-west Kenya, along the Great
Rift Valley. Narok is the ...
City in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Hotels in Dhahab | Attractions in Dhahab

There is no shortage of places to eat in Assalah. A walk down the lamp lit promenade in
the evening will see you pass ...
City in Nothern Tunesia, Tunisia
Attractions in Sidi Bou Saïd
City in Western Cape, South Africa
Attractions in Franschhoek

For those lovers of outdoor activities, mountain views and green valleys, Franschhoek
Valley and it´s sorrounding ...
City in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Hotels in Taba

There are safari trips that takes you in the mountains of Sinai, there is a very famous
castle built on an island called ...
City in Mediterranean Coast of Marocco and Rif, Morocco
Hotels in Tangier

If you are starting your holiday in Spain this tip will be really handy. We took a Ferry
to Tangier from Algeciras.As we ...
City in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
| Attractions in Umhlanga Rocks

Umhlanga is a residential, commercial and resort town north of Durban on the coast
of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. ...
City in Niamey, Niger
Attractions in Niamey

When I was in Niamey for any length of time, I would have to do a bit of grocery shopping.
This meant a trip to the ...
City in Port Louis, Mauritius
Hotels in Port Louis | Attractions in Port Louis

Between 1860s and 1960s, the island had a railway system centred on Port Louis. In 2009,
due to ...
City in Alger, Algeria
Attractions in Algiers

I visited the harbor of Algiers with my group and we liked it a lot. It's really different
from other harbors of North ...
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