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Travel guides to Philippines

City in Manila, Philippines
Hotels in Manila | Attractions in Manila

I suggest that if you want to go or visit Manila, you take something to wipe your sweat
and cover your nose. The heat and ...
City in Aklan, Philippines
Hotels in Boracay | Attractions in Boracay

Last time I was in Boracay Beach, was when the entire country was heading over there
too--during the pretty long holiday ...
City in Rizal, Philippines
Hotels in Makati | Attractions in Makati

One of the better activities I do while I am in the Makati area is watching movies. Only
cutting-edge cinema technology ...
City in Quezon, Philippines
Hotels in Quezon City | Attractions in Quezon City

Yellow Cab is one of the most well-known pizza places in the Philippines. The delivery
motorcycles of the restaurant also ...
City in Rizal, Philippines
| Attractions in Las Piñas
City in Bacolod, Philippines
Hotels in Bacolod | Attractions in Bacolod

A good pal of mine has family in the town right beside Bacolod City, called Silay. Silay
is a heritage town, made of ...
City in Rizal, Philippines
Hotels in Muntinlupa | Attractions in Muntinlupa
City in Pasay, Philippines
| Attractions in Pasay

More friends and colleagues were already waiting us at the airport when we arrived. We
purchased our ticket at a ...
City in Baguio, Philippines
| Attractions in Baguio

Hi cosmotourists! Anybody here who's planning to witness the famous Baguio City Flower
Festival? I am!

So, ...
City in Tagaytay, Philippines
Hotels in Tagaytay | Attractions in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a regular destination for Manila folk who want to go somewhere nice and quiet
during the weekend. With its ...
City in Mindoro Oriental, Philippines
Hotels in Puerto Galera | Attractions in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is one of the most favorite spots in the Philippines simply for one reason:
the island has everything to ...
City in Zambales, Philippines
Hotels in Subic | Attractions in Subic
City in Rizal, Philippines
| Attractions in Taguig
City in Bulacan, Philippines
| Attractions in Bulacan

If you think Bulacan is short of pleasing features, think again! Bulacan may be on the
safe side in the sense that it is ...
City in Cebu, Philippines
Hotels in Cebu City | Attractions in Cebu City

In Cebu for the first time and having problems deciding where to stay? Unless you have a
limitless budget and can afford ...
City in Iloilo, Philippines
Hotels in Iloilo | Attractions in Iloilo

Some hotels in the city have their own swimming pools to offer their customers and to the
public as well. I know Hotel ...
City in Davao, Philippines
| Attractions in Davao

Davao is one of the best places in the Philippines because there’s simply so much to see
in this bustling city. From ...
City in Rizal, Philippines
| Attractions in Pasig
City in Butuan, Philippines
| Attractions in Butuan
City in Quezon, Philippines
| Attractions in Cubao
City in Batangas, Philippines
Attractions in San Juan
City in Cavite, Philippines
Hotels in Cavite | Attractions in Cavite

A mere hour or two from Manila - depending on the traffic - Caylabne is the nearest
hotel-resort whose waters are as ...
City in Rizal, Philippines
| Attractions in Parañaque
City in Rizal, Philippines
Hotels in Mandaluyong | Attractions in Mandaluyong
City in Bohol, Philippines
| Attractions in Panglao
City in Rizal, Philippines
Attractions in Taytay
City in Laguna, Philippines
Attractions in Majayjay
City in Tagbilaran, Philippines
Attractions in Tagbilaran

Arriving at the Port of Tagbilaran was quite chaotic with so much people and with
excitement high in the air for most of ...
City in Silay, Philippines
Attractions in Silay
City in Dumaguete, Philippines
Hotels in Dumaguete

I first set foot in Dumaguete City after the last leg of a long journey from London, by a
flight from Manila. My life ...
City in Ormoc, Philippines

City in Philippines
| Attractions in San Juan
City in Samar, Philippines
Attractions in Aaygayon
City in Rizal, Philippines
Hotels in Alabang
City in Rizal, Philippines
Hotels in Antipolo | Attractions in Antipolo
City in Davao del Norte, Philippines
Attractions in Samal

Der höchste Gipfel auf Samal Island nennt sich Puting Bato, weil man seine weissen Felsen
bereits aus der Ferne erkennt. ...
City in Batangas, Philippines
Attractions in Batangas
City in Camiguin, Philippines
Attractions in Bonbon
City in Rizal, Philippines
| Attractions in Cainta
City in General Santos, Philippines
Attractions in General Santos

A few hours away from Davao City by car, GenSan is a haven for sushi lovers. It is the
Tuna Capital of the Philippines, ...
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