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Travel guides to United States

City in Illinois, United States
Hotels in Chicago | Attractions in Chicago

Chicago is a tough town. I learned the hard way.

A few years ago I was in Chicago on business, and ...
City in New York (State), United States
Hotels in New York | Attractions in New York

NYC’s newest museum is a living memorial to the events that changed the city forever on
September 11th, 2001. Paying full ...
City in Texas, United States
| Attractions in Houston

Houston (Houston's climate is classified as humid subtropical (Cfa in
Köppen climate classification ...
City in Georgia, United States
Hotels in Atlanta | Attractions in Atlanta

Tofu House is a very popular Korean restaurant in Atlanta. You can expect a Korean
clientele and a bustling atmosphere of ...
City in California, United States
Hotels in San Diego | Attractions in San Diego

Right in the middle of one of the most posh neighborhoods in La Jolla San Diego, the Hotel
Parisi offers luxuries few ...
City in District of Columbia, United States
Hotels in Washington | Attractions in Washington

Hotel accommodation can be very expensive in Washington D.C., so before I left for my trip
I did quite a bit of research, ...
City in Colorado, United States
Hotels in Denver | Attractions in Denver

Denver is a really beautiful place. It sits right at the foothills of the Colorado
Rockies. There are also a lot of ...
City in Pennsylvania, United States
Hotels in Philadelphia | Attractions in Philadelphia

Although it hasn’t housed inmates since the 1970’s, Eastern State Penitentiary has
welcomed visitors since the 1990’s. ...
City in Nevada, United States
Hotels in Las Vegas | Attractions in Las Vegas

Visitors to the casino capital of Las Vegas may not be aware that there are a variety of
natural phenomena not a long ...
City in California, United States
| Attractions in Los Angeles

One of the places that I am interested in visiting is Los Angeles, California. I have
read, seeing on tv and being told ...
City in Florida, United States
Hotels in Orlando | Attractions in Orlando

Okay, I am really an airhead because I left out one very important part about the time
share scam and that is the part ...
City in Florida, United States
Hotels in Miami | Attractions in Miami

To getaway from the over materialistic life in Miami, a great place to chill is at
Bougainvilla’s Bar, a.k.a Bougie’s ...
City in Massachusetts, United States
Hotels in Boston | Attractions in Boston

I had the whole week for discovering Boston. I was visiting my relatives and expected them
to show me the city, that's ...
City in Texas, United States
Hotels in Dallas | Attractions in Dallas

When most people think of Dallas, Texas, they think of one of two things: the Dallas
Cowboys, and where JFK got shot.
City in Ohio, United States
| Attractions in Cleveland

First of all, every special exhibition I’ve seen here, I have been immensely impressed.
Ohio seems to have some great ...
City in California, United States
Hotels in San Francisco | Attractions in San Francisco

There is a lot of buzz about the Slow Food movement going on right now, particularly in
the States and especially in the ...
City in Indiana, United States
| Attractions in Indianapolis

The Spaghetti Factory is a chain restaurant that appears in many cities in North America.
It has a lot of wooden décor, ...
City in Michigan, United States
Hotels in Detroit | Attractions in Detroit

A tip: don't fret if you forgot to buy a gift for your cousin, nephews, nieces, grandma,
granpa, etc. While lounging ...
City in California, United States
Hotels in San Jose | Attractions in San Jose

If you are looking for a way to fill several hours of a lazy afternoon, head over to
Petroglyph on Lincoln Avenue. At ...
City in Washington (State), United States
| Attractions in Seattle

This place is not much more than a lean-to, but I'm so glad I didn't judge it before I
tried it. I had to wait for a ...
City in Nebraska, United States
Hotels in Lincoln | Attractions in Lincoln

There is an open area between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Nebraska State
Capitol that has beautiful ...
City in Minnesota, United States
Hotels in Minneapolis | Attractions in Minneapolis

Valleyfair is the top amusement park in the city, and a favorite destination for
Minnesotans during the summer. It's big ...
City in Kentucky, United States
Hotels in Louisville | Attractions in Louisville

I recently stayed at the Inn at Woodhaven and cannot begin to say how wonderful it was.
My husband and I only had one ...
City in California, United States
Hotels in Hollywood | Attractions in Hollywood

During my visit to Hollywood, California, I stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant called
GRUB. It is a fairly new ...
City in Missouri, United States
| Attractions in Saint Louis

Cici's Pizza, while not the best in my books, is still rather good. The atmosphere is
friendly enough and there's plenty ...
City in California, United States

City in Georgia, United States
Hotels in Savannah | Attractions in Savannah

Another thing to consider is access. The city of Savannah regulates where EXACTLY
trolleys can stop, and the driver, ...
City in Utah, United States
| Attractions in Salt Lake City

I don't think it occurs to most people to visit a state like Utah, known to be strictly
Mormon. In fact most people ...
City in California, United States

Surprisingly enough, there is just one Japanese restaurant that I know of which is located
in Fresno, California, called ...
City in Wisconsin, United States
Hotels in Milwaukee | Attractions in Milwaukee

The Wicked Hop's Bloody Mary is literally a meal in a glass, complete with a beef stick,
blue cheese stuffed olives, ...
City in Michigan, United States
Hotels in Grand Rapids | Attractions in Grand Rapids

Located at the corner of Monroe Mall and Division Avenue (with entrances off both streets)
in Grand Rapids, Little ...
City in Rhode Island, United States

City in Louisiana, United States
Hotels in New Orleans | Attractions in New Orleans

On a roadtrip of mine several years ago, myself and 5 of my friends somehow picked out
this hostel in New Orleans. ...
City in Washington (State), United States
Hotels in Spokane | Attractions in Spokane
City in Arizona, United States
Hotels in Tucson | Attractions in Tucson
City in Washington (State), United States
Hotels in Bellevue
City in Idaho, United States
Hotels in Boise | Attractions in Boise
City in Missouri, United States
Hotels in Branson | Attractions in Branson

While the Acapulco Taco Grill is rather small in comparison to some of the other
restaurants in the area, it holds its ...
City in California, United States
Hotels in Santa Monica | Attractions in Santa Monica

Ocean Ave Seafood is located at, ironically enough, 1401 Ocean Ave in Santa Monica,
California. Original? No. Tasty? ...
City in Ohio, United States
| Attractions in Akron

If you are in the mood for a dinner and a show, then I would recommend the Carousel Dinner
Theater in Akron, Ohio. This ...
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