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Travel guides to Vietnam

City in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City | Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

Alright I know that I already wrote about the super high prices in Vietnam during Tet
holidays and all that, but there ...
City in Khánh Hòa, Vietnam
Attractions in Nha Trang

While half of semicircular Dai Lanh Beach is eaten up by an unattractive fishing village,
the south end is still shaded ...
City in Hà Nội, Vietnam
Hotels in Hanoi | Attractions in Hanoi

I stayed for 3 nights in the Camellia 4 Hotel. The staff was very helpfull, and spoke very
well English . The location is ...


5.0 stars
City in Thừa Thiên-Huế, Vietnam
Attractions in Hue

Hue was once the capital of Vietnam during Nguyen dynasty. Since the 16th century, Hue has
been a very prosperous area. ...
City in Quảng Nam, Vietnam
Hotels in Hoi An (Hội An)

At the river there is a nice promenade which is worthwile to stroll along and enjoy the
nice architecture. There are a ...
City in Bình Thuận, Vietnam
Attractions in Phan Thiết

I remember climbing up those 2000 steps to the top of this mountain just for an unknown
present that my teacher promised ...
City in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Attractions in Củ Chi
City in Vietnam

Travelling to Dalat city, Bao Loc town will be a perfect stop on the way from Hochiminh
City to this flower city. You ...
City in Ðắc Lắk, Vietnam
Attractions in Buôn Ma Thuột

Just like Kontum and Pleiku, the main attraction of Buon Ma Thuot is not only the town
itself but the surrounding area. ...
City in Cần Thơ, Vietnam
Attractions in Cần Thơ

|footnotes =
Cần Thơ , the name comes from "cầm thi giang" - river of poems, is a city ...
City in Tiền Giang, Vietnam
Attractions in Mỹ Tho

My family and I came to this island because of Dao Dua religion. We had to rent a small
boat to take us to this small ...
City in Tây Ninh, Vietnam
Attractions in Tây Ninh

This tunnel system is a really famous attraction in Vietnam, that many tourists would
consider as a have-to-see. It is a ...
City in Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu, Vietnam
Attractions in Vũng Tàu

This seashore region has been very famous for a long long time, which could be the answer
for why it is always crowded ...
City in An Giang, Vietnam

Chau Doc is located on a tributary of the Mekong River and is an incredibly friendly
bustling little city. Locals are ...
City in Kiến Giang, Vietnam

I know this may sound a bit too crazy, but my family with my dad’s friend’s family
wanted to make a trip to Phu Quoc ...
City in Ninh Bình, Vietnam
Attractions in Phát Diệm
City in Bắc Kạn, Vietnam

Ba Be lakes is located 230km from Hanoi and about 80km to the Northwest of Bac Can Town,
from where you can easily make a ...
City in Lào Cai, Vietnam
Attractions in Sa Pá
City in Kiến Giang, Vietnam
Attractions in Bãi Bo18n
City in Sóc Trăng, Vietnam

This is one of the most unusual sights in Mekong Delta, but has eventually become a
favourite stop for domestic and ...
City in Quảng Ninh, Vietnam

Bai Chay is a very beautiful attraction closed to Ha Long Bay. The sand of this beach is
really dark not because of the ...
City in Phú Yên, Vietnam

The village of Song Cau is an obscure place that you couls easily drive past without even
noticing, but this is nearby an ...
City in Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu, Vietnam

This place is really famous for its hot mineral-water springs. People believe that bathing
in this kind of water can help ...
City in Sơn La, Vietnam

Located 320 km northwest of Hanoi, Son La town is often used as a half-way overnight stop
on the way to the famous ...
City in Vietnam
Attractions in Ba Vì
City in Quảng Nam, Vietnam

You might have heard about this provincial capital of Quang Nam through a lot of story
during the Vietnam war. But this ...
City in Bến Tre, Vietnam

This city is located in Mekong Delta and really well-known for its products from coconut
tree. Most of the locals there ...
City in Tây Ninh, Vietnam

Many of you may have known about the vietnamese rice paper, but there is a really special
kind of rice paper that is ...
City in Ðồng Nai, Vietnam
Attractions in Biên Hòa

Biên Hòa is a city in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, about (30 kilometers) east
of Ho Chi Minh City, to ...
City in Phú Yên, Vietnam
Attractions in Tuy Hòa
City in Cà Ma, Vietnam

U Minh, which in Vietnamese means “twilight” and which is red as “ou ming” is the
largest mangrove swamp forest that can ...
City in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

If you are kind of tired of big cities and resorts and tourist places and just want to
have one or two days for yourself ...
City in Ðồng Tháp, Vietnam
Attractions in Cao Lãnh
City in Lai Châu, Vietnam

This valley was once really well-known for the war between Vietnamese and French. The
valley is located in the Northwest ...
City in Quảng Ninh, Vietnam
Attractions in Ha Tou
City in Bình Ðịnh, Vietnam
Attractions in Hoài Ân
City in Vietnam

This moderately properous town is the capital of An Giang province and locals’s hard
earned money comes basically from ...
City in Vietnam

If you are visiting Vietnam then Halong Bay is a must as it was one of the highlights of
the whole month I spent in ...
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