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Travel guides to Europe

City in Île de France (Greater Paris), France
Hotels in Paris | Attractions in Paris

This incredible café is famous for its desserts: the Montblanc is the one that people
generally go for, and its African ...
City in Catalonia, Spain
Hotels in Barcelona | Attractions in Barcelona

The locals in Barcelona sure do love their football! I was surprised as well how many
Spanish women were really into it ...
City in Greater London, United Kingdom
Hotels in London | Attractions in London

London is one of the cities most visited of the world. The city is amazing, with fantastic
attractions and beautiful ...
City in North England, United Kingdom
Hotels in York | Attractions in York

This historic city boasts lots of great attractions during the day, but it also has a
kicking nightlife. There is a big ...
City in Bundesland Berlin, Germany
Hotels in Berlin | Restaurants in Berlin | Attractions in Berlin

This is an advice for everybody with a small budget. If you love museums but you are
already broke from all the shopping ...
City in Latium, Italy
Hotels in Rome | Attractions in Rome

If you are planning on taking a trip to Rome, Italy then you should keep in mind that the
employees that work at the ...
City in Dublin (County), Ireland
Hotels in Dublin | Attractions in Dublin

This ties with travel tip number 1, making sure to check a) if you need the visa and b)
double checking if the agency ...
City in Tuscany, Italy
Hotels in Florence | Attractions in Florence

i'Lorenzaccio is a very central ristorante. It is mostly a tourist place to stop for a
bite to eat but I chose to go ...
City in East Anglia, United Kingdom
Hotels in Cambridge | Attractions in Cambridge

If you are visiting Cambridge why not try some of the University experience and stay in a
College? You can contact all ...
City in North Holland, Holland
Hotels in Amsterdam | Attractions in Amsterdam

I might sound biased when I say this but I think that the tourist information system in
Amsterdam sucks. We went to ask ...
City in South England, United Kingdom
Hotels in Bristol | Attractions in Bristol

When writing about where to live in Bristol, I have to start off with my current abode in
Redland where I've lived for ...
City in South England, United Kingdom
Hotels in Brighton | Attractions in Brighton

Brighton, in the south of England, is not so far from London and a good option for a tour
in the warm days of summer. The ...
City in Vienna (state), Austria
Hotels in Vienna | Attractions in Vienna

The story begins at the end. The end of western Europe that is. In a little place they
call Vienna. A Mecca for lovers of ...
City in Provence / Alpes / Côte d'Azur , France
Hotels in Marseille | Attractions in Marseille

Our guide promised us a ‘gentle, beautiful’ 6-hour walk. I can’t say I agree with
the former but it was certainly ...
City in North England, United Kingdom
Hotels in Liverpool | Attractions in Liverpool

I've lived in Bristol for five years and not been particulary impressed with the bus
system (they don't come when they ...
City in Hesse, Germany
Hotels in Frankfurt | Restaurants in Frankfurt | Attractions in Frankfurt

Frankfurt airport was like ghost town after the maddening crowds of the subcontinent.
Besides the fact that it was a ...
City in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Hotels in Aachen | Restaurants in Aachen | Attractions in Aachen

On my first backpacking trip to Europe I found a delightful spa nestled in the small town
of Aachen, Germany, near the ...
City in Lombardy, Italy
Hotels in Milan | Attractions in Milan

I was totally amazed when I glanced at the prices in front of the window at Dmagazino
Outlet. This outlet sells Armani, ...
City in North England, United Kingdom
Hotels in Manchester | Attractions in Manchester

By now the Manchester weekend drinkers were out in force, and Font was starting to get a
little crowded. We moved on next ...
City in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
Hotels in Prague | Attractions in Prague

The soul of a city is also defined by its most brilliant habitants. Prague is certainly
appealing to the eye with all its ...
City in Canton Zürich, Switzerland
| Attractions in Zürich

With many of the world's business brokers living and working from Zurich, it is easy to
imagine the crowd that heads out ...
City in South England, United Kingdom
Hotels in Bath | Attractions in Bath

I thought I knew Bath fairly well until I took a trip on the sightseeing bus. It is a
fantastic bus tour and covers quite ...
City in Scotland, United Kingdom
Hotels in Edinburgh | Attractions in Edinburgh

For a novice traveler on a budget, the Edinburgh bus system is the best way to travel the
city. The buses run on time ...
City in Region Moskau, Russia
Hotels in Moscow | Attractions in Moscow

Belgian fast food Quick is going to open up to 10 places in Moscow in 2008. Quick is very
similar to McDonald's. I've ...
City in Bavaria, Germany
Hotels in Munich | Restaurants in Munich | Attractions in Munich

A bit removed from the city centre but a short walk from the N17 tram stop Stuebenplatz
this Munich favourite is one of ...
City in Greater St. Petersburg, Russia
Hotels in St. Petersburg | Attractions in St. Petersburg

Every time when I come to Saint-Petersburg I like to take a boat tour on rivers and canals
of the city. It gives a ...
City in Andalusia, Spain
Hotels in Granada | Attractions in Granada

I loved almost every part of Spain that I saw. Granada was spectacular for the historical
significance and the beautiful ...
City in Rhône-Alpes, France
Hotels in Lyon | Attractions in Lyon

I have nothing to compare this to as it was my first ever ski trip, but here goes
anyway… St. Sorlin has good slopes for ...
City in East Anglia, United Kingdom
Hotels in Norwich | Attractions in Norwich

Norwich is a cute little town that is worth visiting with its cute cobbled streets it is a
quaint place. The river is ...
City in Central Transdanubia, Hungary
Hotels in Budapest | Attractions in Budapest

Once we had settled in to our apartment, it was time to do some sightseeing. We headed
downtown, past some huge shopping ...
City in Lisboa (district), Portugal
| Attractions in Lisbon

It´s midmorning, I enjoy a late breakfast at the esplanade of the Miradouro de Graça. I
feel the fresh air beating my ...
City in Bundesland Hamburg, Germany
Hotels in Hamburg | Restaurants in Hamburg | Attractions in Hamburg

The Bar is called O Cantinho do Antonio. I think. Or Bei Heidi. Or Bei Renato. At least
there are signs outside ...
City in Hovedstaden (Greater Copenhagen and Bornholm), Denmark
Hotels in Copenhagen | Attractions in Copenhagen

A long pedestrian street that runs through the center of Copenhagen. It is a great avenue
of commerce and humanity. ...
City in Poland
Hotels in Warsaw | Attractions in Warsaw is an important website when it comes to look for a flat, a room mate or if you
just need to buy random ...
City in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Hotels in Mainz | Restaurants in Mainz | Attractions in Mainz

Carnival in Mainz is a very big holiday. People from those in baby cars to the oldest
locals are actively participating ...
City in Central Sweden, Sweden
Hotels in Stockholm | Attractions in Stockholm

Where does one go to get an authentic medieval dining experience? This restaurant provides
the genuine atmosphere, music, ...
City in Salzburg (state), Austria
Hotels in Salzburg | Attractions in Salzburg

Although most Austrians would not associate Salzburg with the Sound of Music, I most
certainly do. As an American, I grew ...
City in Midlands, United Kingdom
Hotels in Birmingham | Attractions in Birmingham

This is the biggest german market outside Germany and comes form Frankfurt to Birmingham
every year. It is located in ...
City in Southern Sweden, Sweden
Hotels in Malmö | Attractions in Malmö

Malmö has many sushi bars, I have already written about a few of them. Another sushi
place I can recommend is Nilsson ...
City in Madrid (Region), Spain
Hotels in Madrid | Attractions in Madrid

Spread around the central streets of Madrid are over 100 Cows showing off their artistic
new coats! CowParade has arrived ...
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