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Travel guides to China

City in Greater Beijing, China
Hotels in Beijing | Attractions in Beijing

Everyone knows that Beijing’s street traffic is bad (both pedestrian and vehicular), but
I think the subway is starting ...
City in China
Hotels in Shanghai | Attractions in Shanghai

Like a beer or two but counting your Yuan? Don’t panic because Shanghai is home of the
Happy Hour!

As a ...
City in Liaoning, China
| Attractions in Dalian

Permanent population of Dalian at the end of 2008 totaled 6.13 million.
The total ...
City in Zhejiang, China
Hotels in Hangzhou | Attractions in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a town on the East coast of China, South of Shanghai and a major tourist
destination for the Chinese. It is ...
City in Guangdong, China
Hotels in Shenzhen | Attractions in Shenzhen

I had the opportunity to stay both in a standard room and on the executive floor in this
Shenzhen hotel. While I usually ...
City in Yunnan, China
| Attractions in Kunming

On one of these grey September days we landed at the airport of Kunming, the “City of
eternal spring”. Kunming is a ...
City in Shandong, China
| Attractions in Yantai

Yantai () is a prefecture-level city in northeastern Shandong province, People's
Republic of China. Located on the ...
City in Guangdong, China
Hotels in Guangzhou (Canton) | Attractions in Guangzhou (Canton)

My final taxi journey was to take me to the ferry terminal and as I arrived I could sense
this was a popular way to go to ...
City in Anhui, China

It seemed as if half of the Oriental people had descended on Huangshan that day. At first
I was aghast at the number of ...
City in China

Next morning we said farewell to the couple, who continued their trek around Kawa karpo.
This day was even more tiring ...
City in China
Attractions in Pudong

Pudong (), officially known as Pudong New Area (), is a district of
Shanghai, China that enjoys ...
City in Hainan, China
Hotels in Sanya | Attractions in Sanya
City in Fujian, China
Hotels in Xiamen

Outside Shanghai or possibly Beijing, Xiamen has the strongest European influence. The
traders who used this fine city as ...
City in Yunnan, China

Gongshan was the last place on our route, where we could use internet. The next time would
be only in Chengdu, about 10 ...
City in Guangxi, China
| Attractions in Nanning
City in Hebei, China
City in Xinjiang, China
| Attractions in Turpan
City in Zhejiang, China
Attractions in Xi'an

Xi'an is a vibrant, busy, modern Chinese town. It certainly isn’t pretty and it has a
reputation as a bad place for pick ...
City in Zhejiang, China
Attractions in Xi'an
City in Jiangsu, China

Nanjing is a great city, modern yet aesthetically pleasing, with some foreign residents to
diffuse the constant attention ...
City in Jiangsu, China

Yangzhou is situated North of Shanghai and is one of China’s Garden Cities. It is a
pretty small city which has managed ...
City in Hainan, China
Attractions in Nanwan
City in Zhejiang, China

The Grand Pacific Hotel is located near the center of Yuyao City, and right next to the
river. Across the river is a ...
City in Chongqing, China

One of the lessons I have learnt from working in China over the years is to avoid trying
to go anywhere over the Chinese ...
City in Sichuan, China

Next day was pretty easy, as we just had to walk around 3 hours to Bitu, where motorable
road starts again. There we ...
City in Zhejiang, China

Pǔtuóshān is a magical island in the East China Sea south of Shanghai which can be
reached by boat either from Shanghai ...
City in Hebei, China

A few hours away from Beijing is Beidaihe, a beachside town that is famous for hosting the
Shanhaiguan, or the Head of ...
City in Shandong, China

Qingdao is a pretty seaside town which makes some of the best beer in China Tsingtao.
There are tours of the brewery ...
City in China

I visited Tianjin on my way to Beijing and was surprised by how much it had to offer
tourists. Because it is quite close ...
City in Greater Beijing, China
Attractions in Puhuangyu
City in China
Attractions in Datong
City in Shaanxi, China
Attractions in Xi'an
City in Hainan, China

I had not very nice experience on arrival to Haikou airport. Usually it is not a problem
at Chinese international ...
City in Guangdong, China
Attractions in Shipai

Shipai or Shihpai () is a region in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan, it
includes seven villages (里): Shipai ...
City in Zhejiang, China
Attractions in Tongxiang
City in Jiangsu, China

Suzhou is famous throughout China as a garden city and although the city itself is now
very modern, it is full of ...


4.0 stars
City in Xinjiang, China

Hom is a very nice and remote village, renowned for its primitive view and mysterious Tuwa
people. There are about 2100 ...
City in Zhejiang, China

Xitang has a lot of water, and so obviously there are bridges to go with them.
Bridges are an important part of the ...
City in Greater Beijing, China
Attractions in Wali

Walī (Arabic ولي, plural Awliyā أولياء), is an Arabic word
meaning Friend," "client," "kinsman," ...
City in Xinjiang, China
Attractions in Karamay
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