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Travel guides to Cuba

City in Havana (Province), Cuba
Hotels in Havana | Attractions in Havana

As I've said before: Havana is a lousy city in many ways.

One of the many problems I had with the city was that ...
City in Matanzas, Cuba
Hotels in Varadero | Attractions in Varadero

Varadero is one of the most touristic places I've seen in Cuba. The whole town seems to
function especially for tourists. ...
City in Cienfuegos, Cuba
Hotels in Cienfuegos | Attractions in Cienfuegos

My whole impression of Cienfuegos was that it wasn’t very frequented by tourists. That
was after visiting the Palacio ...
City in Holguín, Cuba
Hotels in Guardalavaca | Attractions in Guardalavaca
City in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
Attractions in Trinidad

I loved my trip to Trinidad. It was one of the loveliest days I spent in Cuba. We spent
most of the day at the beach, so ...
City in Guantánamo, Cuba

Baracoa is a lovely town in Eastern Cuba. It used to be Cuba's capital a long time ago.
The town is not very big and I ...
City in Pinar del Río, Cuba
Attractions in Pinar del Río
City in Camagüey, Cuba

Santa Lucia is a small town in Guardalavaca, Cuba. This town is really worth visiting.
It’s a great mixture of tourism ...
City in Villa Clara, Cuba

If you're a fan or you're interested in the famous story of Che Guevara, you must
definitely not miss a trip to Santa ...
City in La Habana, Cuba
City in Santiago de Cuba (Province), Cuba
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