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Travel guides to South America

City in Rio de Janeiro (State), Brazil
Hotels in Rio de Janeiro | Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

One of the most frightening sights to see in Rio is a van or helicopter belonging to the
'Bope' - the elite police force ...
City in Distrito Federal, Argentina
Hotels in Buenos Aires | Attractions in Buenos Aires

When anyone thinks about traveling around South America, they think CHEAP but one of the
first surprises travelers run ...
City in Loreto, Peru
| Attractions in Iquitos

Iquitos is not just about the jungle and streets full of exotic trees and plants. On the
classical side many beautiful ...
City in Lima (Province), Peru
Hotels in Lima | Attractions in Lima

Our next stop was Trujillo, which is little visited, but sits next to some interesting
pre-inca pyramids. We arrived in ...
City in Chimborazo, Ecuador
Attractions in Riobamba

We took a different route down that consisted of a 1000m descent of steep downhill skiing
with crampons instead of skies, ...
City in La Paz (Province), Bolivia
Hotels in La Paz | Attractions in La Paz

Warning: Do not eat fresh fruit at altitude. In particular, do not eat fresh fruit at
altitude if recovering from a nasty ...
City in Santa Catarina, Brazil
Hotels in Florianópolis | Attractions in Florianópolis

The state capital of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis is known affectionately by locals as
Floripa. It sits on Ilha da Santa ...
City in Magallanes y Antártica Chilena, Chile
Hotels in Punta Arenas | Attractions in Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas is a nice place to try Chilean typical food. All along Chiloé Avenue you can
find small cafés with a cozy, ...
City in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Attractions in Stromness
City in Magdalena, Colombia

If you're staying more than a day or so in Taganga, you'll quickly become aquainted with
some of the village's more ...
City in Cusco, Peru
| Attractions in Machupicchu

The truth is after you’ve followed the Inca trail and spend a few days through the
mountains you start to feel the ...
City in Rio de Janeiro (State), Brazil
Hotels in Angra dos Reis

We had to be up relatively early to catch the ferry back to Angra, and after a late night
in Ilha Grande's only club, I ...
City in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Hotels in Porto Alegre | Attractions in Porto Alegre

Rio Grande do Sul is famous for it's 'gaucho' cowboys and for the quality of its meat, and
Portoalegrenese is probably ...
City in Beni, Bolivia

Stuck on a noticeboard, hidden among flyers, is one of the most awful stories of
Rurrenabaque. A single girl booked a ...
City in Rio de Janeiro (State), Brazil
Hotels in Parati | Attractions in Parati

Just few hours by car or bus from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, it is Parati, a
picturesque town in the coast of Brazil. ...
City in Región Metropolitana, Chile
Attractions in Santiago

The main geographical characteristic of Santiago is that it is surrounded by the Andes
Mountains – as one can clearly see ...
City in Greater São Paulo, Brazil
Attractions in Sao Paulo

If you want to find a cheap way to travel across Brazil and other South American countries
– buses are a good option. In ...
City in Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Argentina
| Attractions in Ushuaia

One of the major attractions in Ushuaia is the “End of the world train”. This old
fashion train will take you across part ...
City in Pichincha, Ecuador
| Attractions in Quito

Quito has a great bus system in place. The easiest to use is perhaps the Ecovia, a
bus/tram type system that runs through ...
City in Pernambuco, Brazil
Hotels in Pôrto das Galinhas

I could give many reasons to visit Porto de Galinhas. Imagine a place with 12km of beaches
with warm and crystalline ...
City in Cundinamarca, Colombia
Hotels in Bogotá | Attractions in Bogotá

Tell any Westerner that you´re coming to Bogota, and it´s likely their reaction will be
a mixture of surprise and ...
City in Río Negro, Argentina
Hotels in San Carlos de Bariloche | Attractions in San Carlos de Bariloche

Argentinians cannot think of Bariloche without thinking of two things (or maybe three…):
ski, graduates and chocolate. ...
City in Pichincha, Ecuador
Attractions in Ovejería
City in Neuquén, Argentina

To reach San Martín de los Andes, you can take a 2 hour flight (EUR 600 approximately) or
take on a 24 bus ride (EUR 75). ...
City in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

The main road is called Avenida dos Golfinhos. There are lots of restaurants, bars,
cafes, shopping areas, etc. in this ...
City in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Hotels in Caxambu | Attractions in Caxambu

Talking about Brazil is not only talking about beaches. The country has many attractive
places in the countryside and ...
City in Santa Catarina, Brazil

In our search to find affordable city centre accomodation, we came across 'Hotel Branco' -
a small whitewashed building ...
City in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

In keeping with their efforts to emulate life in a Swiss mountain village, the towns of
Gramado and Canela pride ...
City in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is world famous for being the capital of Argentinean wines. Always with the Andean
white peaks in background, the ...
City in Bolívar, Colombia
Hotels in Cartagena

Cartagena is a beautiful place, but it is also a very busy, very hot place. The best time
to explore its busy streets ...
City in Salta, Argentina

Even after everything I’ve heard of about this town, I was not prepared to see what I
saw there. All of the buildings ...
City in Jujuy, Argentina
Attractions in Humahuaca

This is the main tourist city in the area without a doubt. Founded at the end of the 16th
century, it has also been one ...
City in Lima (Province), Peru

Pachacamac is the God who generated the world, the one that also makes earthquakes when
angry. People from as far as ...
City in Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Hotels in Cali

We arrived in Cali expecting to find cool underground salsa clubs (probably largely down
to our guidebook's photograph of ...
City in Distrito Federal, Venezuela
Attractions in Caracas

You can find the San Fransisco Church in the old part of Caracas. Many say it's really
worth visiting, but after visiting ...
City in Guayas, Ecuador
Attractions in Guayaquil

One great place to see during a visit to Guayquil is Las Peñas. It is an old
neighborhood of Guayaquil that has recently ...
City in Coquimbo, Chile
Attractions in La Serena

Many call it the best rally in the world – and probably they are right! It started as
Paris-Dakar, then it was renamed ...
City in Paraná, Brazil
Attractions in Iguaçu

As soon as I got off the plane in the small airport of Iguaçu I've been welcomed,
together with the other passengers, by ...
City in Rio de Janeiro (State), Brazil
Attractions in Niterói

Rio natives like to poke fun at their neighbours across the bay in Niteroi, saying that
the best thing about the city is ...
City in Misiones, Argentina
Attractions in Cataratas del Iguazú

I was surprised to find out there are almost no walking paths in the Iguazu area. The
wildest path inside the Iguazú ...
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