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Travel guides to Africa

Region in Kenya
Hotels in Coast | Attractions in Coast

I have stayed at the Tiwi Beach Resort in Mombasa on numerous and on each of those
occasions, I must confess that I have ...
Region in Kenya
Hotels in Nairobi | Attractions in Nairobi

At Nairobi airport there was the usual gaggle of porters/taxi-drivers/white slave traders
etc. By now I had become the ...
Region in South Africa
Hotels in Eastern Cape | Attractions in Eastern Cape

Hogsback is one of those middle-of-nowhere places that you’ll love if you’re happy
with your travel companions and can ...
Region in Egypt
Attractions in Cairo and Nile Delta

How you will feel when you be among hundreds of nice
Camels in one of the largest Camel Markets in Africa and
Region in Egypt

Dahab is a nice place to sit back, dip your feet in the sea and do nothing in for a few
days. There’s something to be ...
Region in South Africa
Hotels in Western Cape | Attractions in Western Cape

Route 62 is a national road going from the Western Cape to Port Elisabaeth. On the way
back from the Garden Route to the ...
Region in Zambia

If you're going to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, Flatdogs is the place to stay!
It is located as close to the ...
Region in Lesotho

The area around Molumong is very scenic and ideal for trekking. There are several villages
dotted at the green hills and ...
Region in Tanzania
Hotels in Zanzibar (Central / South)

While we were in Zanzibar,We decided to go to the east side of the Island at Jambiani
Village,and We stayed at Mbuyuni ...
Region in Sao Tome and Principe

The Roças are old colonial proprieties owned now by the locals. This are places of
exploration of one the best cocoas and ...
Region in Gambia

To go from Kaolack to Zinguinchor in Senegal by road, I had to traverse Gambia, the
country and the river, as all the ...
Region in Morocco

When we arrived to Tangier, and as were hold for 45min on the ferry, we were late for the
Casablanca train. A taxi driver ...
Region in Ghana
Attractions in Central

Some weeks ago a few of us made a 3 hours drive from Accra to Kakun national park - the
only rainforest in Africa that ...


5.0 stars
Region in Cape Verde

There isn`t much visit at this Atlantic island. But don´t think that means boredom.
The easy going life style and the ...
Region in Kenya
Hotels in Central | Attractions in Central

Apart from being a fan of bush excursions, I am also an ardent mountain climber. One of my
favorite destinations for ...
Region in Zambia

I flew from Dar Es Salaam to Lusaka courtesy of Aero Zambia. They had told me to get to
the airport early because in ...
Region in Tanzania
Hotels in Dar es Salaam

As I stepped from the temperature-controlled cabin of the 747 into Dar Es Salaam airport,
a tidal wave of damp heat ...
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